MUHAMMAD: House Tea Party Caucus like a Ghetto High School Gang

Askia Muhammad | 10/2/2013, 3 p.m.
Members of the tiny minority, Tea Party faction of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives could not be ...
Askia Muhammad

Society has an answer for the ghetto hoodlums. Some of them fall into the hands of the criminal justice system, and after repeated encounters they end up confined for long periods of time, until they are no longer a danger to the larger society, by which time a new set of younger troublemakers has come to rule the roost in the Original Gangsters’ (OG) absence. Others just mellow on the vine, also usually associated with their advancing age, are unable to keep the younger bucks in check.

But what force of political nature will arrest the Tea Party thugs? Congressional elections cannot be held for at least another 13 months. Furthermore, the gerrymandering of congressional districts by right-wing dominated state legislatures has rendered the districts these rascals represent to be “safe-Republican” districts (meaning a likely Republican House majority) at least until the next national census in 2020.

What the high school hoodlums do is to threaten and intimidate an entire student body, stealing fancy shoes and clothes, leaving everyone afraid to stand up to them, even though they number only a small minority of the school.

What this Congressional story needs in order to see a happy ending, is for a new “principal” in the House of Representatives, like Joe Louis Clark who went into Patterson, N.J.’s out of control Eastside H.S. in the 1980s with a baseball bat in his hand to rid that campus of its undesirable bad actors. It worked for a while in the ghetto…