GOP, Democrats Still at Loggerheads as Shutdown Drags On

Barrington M. Salmon | 10/9/2013, 3 p.m.
It’s Week Two of a government shutdown which has paralyzed the nation and brought government operations to a virtual standstill.

“I thought they’d come to some agreement. The shutdown is such a drastic move, so extreme,” said Watson, who works in Philadelphia and asked for anonymity for fear of losing his job. “This is going into the second week. Next Monday would be a payday, but I’m not sure if we’ll get paid.”

“People aren’t sure what’s happening. You’re sitting down hoping they’ll do something. It’s time to put aside party politics and place the welfare of the country at the forefront. The politicians need to do better than this. This is not the way to go about governing. You think that they’d be looking out for the best interests of this country, but they’re not.”

Fortunately for him, Watson said, he and his wife are employed.

“I’m glad I have a wife who works. A lot of people don’t have that luxury,” said Watson. “We have single mothers, parents, secretaries, clerks who make $19,000 a year. They’re not really making much money – it’s really tough for them. It’s a mess, a real mess.”

“The Tea Party guys have no exit strategy and they’re looking for a way to save face. They won’t throw up the white flag but someone has to find a way for everyone to get out of this crisis and save face.”