Candidates Ready for Ward 6 Race in D.C.

James Wright | 10/16/2013, 3 p.m.
Darrel Thompson is a candidate for the Ward 6 D.C. Council seat. (Courtesy photo)

David Garber, an advisory neighborhood commissioner for 6D07 and Josh Hart, a political activist, are also expected to enter the race.

Keith Silver, a former advisory neighborhood commissioner and a leader of the District's chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said he’s excited about Thompson’s candidacy.

"Darrel Thompson is uniquely qualified to be on the D.C. Council and he will restore integrity there," said Silver, 60.

Silver said that he wants to help Thompson connect with the ward's African-American voters. Campbell said that the candidate he supports should deal with issues such as the development of Reservation 13, residential parking for seniors and the creation of an off-hours center that can handle the concerns of businesses.

"I want the next council person to listen to the issues that concern Ward 6 residents," he said.

Howard University political scientist Michael Fauntroy said that Allen and Thompson are largely unknown.

"Neither of these candidates has deep roots in the community and they derive their identities from the people that they worked for," said Fauntroy, 46. "The people who they worked for may help them in terms of getting access to information but they [the candidates] really must work to become known."