MUHAMMAD: Who Cares about Obamacare?

Askia Muhammad | 10/30/2013, 3 p.m.
Everybody, it seems is talking about the Affordable Care Act. But who, I wonder, really cares about affordable health care ...
Askia Muhammad

Everybody, it seems is talking about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But who, I wonder, really cares about affordable health care for ordinary citizens?

Most of the jibber-jabber that has been rabidly anti-health act (nicknamed Obamacare) on radio and television and in Congress, comes from a class of grossly overpaid political pundits and professional politicians, all of whom have their own plush health insurance schemes tucked in their back pockets.

Take Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) – someone take him please. He is the poster-boy for all-things-Republicans hate about Obamacare. He staged that 21-hour, un-filibuster against funding the federal government unless funding for the ACA was stripped from the legislation. Although he’s eligible for the Congressional and federal executive health plan, he is reportedly instead covered by his wife’s plan.

She’s an exec at one of the robber-baron Wall Street financial service firms, providing the loquacious freshman legislator who wasted the nation’s time talking about “green eggs and ham” in his futile filibuster stunt. His health plan is worth upwards of a tidy $20,000 per year. A full-time worker earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 is paid far less in wages, than the value of the senator’s health plan.

Furthermore, the state Cruz represents just happens to be the place where more adults and more children who have absolutely no health insurance reside. So it’s clear that while Cruz does not care much for Obamacare, he doesn’t care either about whether or not the residents of his own state have any health insurance coverage at all.

Obamacare is a political football because so many politicians hate this legislation’s namesake, not so much because of the features of the law itself. You see the model for the signature element of the ACA is privately operated insurance exchanges. The idea of the exchanges was authored by the conservative Heritage Foundation, and then enacted into law in Massachusetts when Republican Gov. Mitt Romney was in office. So much for principled opposition by Republicans and conservatives to affordable health insurance for ordinary American citizens.

Understand that this legislation doesn’t do anything to improve the delivery of health care services to people in this country. It doesn’t increase the number of health delivery professionals. It doesn’t really do that much to lower the overall cost of health delivery either. That’s because a grossly disproportionate percentage of all health care expenses are racked up keeping patients alive during the last two months of their lives.

For example there is a new anti-cancer treatment that will prolong a patient’s life from four to six weeks at a cost of more than $40,000 per treatment. It’s blasphemous for me to raise this question, but is it worth that much money for another month of life for an elderly relative? When that treatment is administered patients rather than insurance companies cover its cost.

So now, back to the bitter opposition to affordable care for ordinary persons. The most outspoken critics really are committed to the failure of President Barack Obama’s terms in office. Despite his landslide reelection in 2012, Republican Obama-haters want to destroy everything for which he stands. They want to wag their fingers in his face, call him a liar, label him a socialist-Muslim who hates White people and who even hates this country, they want him to appear to be incompetent, and in the process undermine confidence in the government itself. Even if Obama was not president, they would like to undermine the government process itself.

If any of these folks cared at all about citizens receiving health care they would work to make what is the undisputed law of the land, confirmed by the Supreme Court, they would work to make it work. But no. they – who all have generous health insurance coverage themselves – want to point fingers at every real or perceived flaw in this law.

My mind is made up. I am sick of the feigned outrage at the implementation of the health insurance law these scoundrels authored in the first place, before it was adopted that is.

I am sick of the rhetorical exaggerations, and crocodile tears from the same Republican folks who voted unsuccessfully 43 times to repeal the ACA. It makes me sick to think about how these same critics withheld funds and other resources from those trying to make the legislation work the way it was designed.

It’s clear to me that most folks who are complaining the loudest about the problems implementing the law they wanted to see defeated in the first place, don’t give a care about Obamacare.