LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Young Futures at Stake over Marijuana

9/18/2013, 3 p.m.
Far too many of our young people have had their lives ruined in the court system for possessing small amounts ...

I for one, am in full support for the decriminalizing of marijuana in the District of Columbia, (“Decriminalizing Pot in D.C. has Strong Support,” James Wright, September 12, 2013). Far too many of our young people have had their lives ruined in the court system for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

If you legalize marijuana it could be regulated just like liquor and cigarettes. The government could collect taxes on sales, and most importantly, it would take the criminal element out of the sales. The government could put the large criminal drug cartels out of business with legalization, something they haven’t been able to do with legal prosecutions. So I say, yes, let’s do this now.

Franklin Mayberry

Washington, D.C.

A No-Win Situation

Unfortunately the civil war in Syria and the alleged use of poison gas by Syria’s President Bashir Al-Assad’s supporters on those who oppose him have put President Barack Obama in a no-win situation.

If President Obama goes ahead with his threat to strike Syria militarily he will be looked upon as a warmonger by many who oppose any type of military intervention, as reported in Barrington Salmon’s article, “Protestors Take to the Streets against Syria War,” September 12, 2013. If the president does nothing, those members of Congress who have pledged to do whatever it takes to discredit him will use this situation to say he is weak and his foreign policies aren’t working. So Mr. President you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

These are very, very touchy decisions that have to be made and you would think those in Congress would be united in their support of what the president has to deal with. These are decisions that are very important to the security of our country. If we do nothing, those weapons could land in the hands of those who hate us, but if we go ahead with the strikes, we could be pulled into another ground war, sending countless numbers of our young men and women to war. I can only pray that the right decisions will be made.

Kenneth Wesley

Ft. Washington, Md.