Prince George's County Schools Offers Form to Report Bullying

Dorothy Rowley | 9/24/2013, 4 p.m.
Students in the D.C. region are being taught how to deal with and report bullying. (Courtesy of J.C. Nalle Community School)

School officials in Prince George's County, in conjunction with the Maryland State Department of Education and the Safe Schools Reporting Act of 2005, have created a form to report bullying and harassment of students.

The two-page form, which can be obtained online or at county schools, includes a series of questions on instances of bullying or intimidation at school or on school buses. Victims, witnesses or parents can also report incidents that happen on the way to or from school and at school-sponsored activities, on or off school property.

"We are becoming increasingly aware of the detrimental impact that we have in allowing bullying to go unchecked or addressed for either the perpetrator or victims of that type of behavior," said Segun Eubanks, president of the county's school board. "So we definitely believe that we need to continue to be vigilant and aggressive in keeping all kids safe in schools and making sure that they are there in ways that are also safe [and conducive to learning]."

Anyone who fill out the forms must include their signature, with the understanding that they agree to be contacted by school authorities or law-enforcement officials. Upon completion, the forms are to be returned to the principal at the victim's school.

According to a 2011 department report, a total of 3,818 bullying incidents were reported in the 2009-10 school year.

During that time, Prince George's County reported the most incidents with a total of 488, while Baltimore City and Montgomery County reported 213 and 295 incidents, respectively.