D.C. GOP Begins General Election Process

James Wright | 4/7/2014, 5:21 p.m.
Marc Morgan (Courtesy of morganfordc.com)

D.C.'s Republican Party had no real contests in its April 1 primary but GOP officials say that the Nov. 4 general election will be a different story.

Party chairman Ron Phillips said he and other party leaders will soon begin the process of finding candidates for the various offices up for grabs in November.

"We look forward to vetting qualified candidates to appoint to various vacancies on the ballot this fall," Phillips said. "We especially look forward to joining the conversation and discussing issues that are important to the citizens of the District of Columbia, such as school choice, reducing the burden of regulations for small businesses, and the level of taxes in our community."

Phillips recently wrote a letter to the D.C. Board of Elections asserting the party's right under law to "appoint a Republican candidate for any office for the general election in the event that a Republican candidate for any such position does not participate in the April 1, 2014 primary election."

The D.C. Republican Committee, the governing body of the D.C. Republican Party, will set up a process to review qualifications of potential candidates for mayor, ward council seats and other positions and vote to nominate to fill vacancies.

Republican nominees who were victorious in the April 1 primary are Marc Morgan, a contender for one of the D.C. Council's at-large seats, and Nelson Rimensnyder, who is running for District delegate to the U.S. Congress.

All nominees must be transmitted to the elections board by Sept. 8, in accordance with election rules.