MUHAMMAD: Time to Give President His 'Obamacare' Respect

Askia Muhammad | 4/9/2014, 3 p.m.
Congratulations, President Obama and team!
President Obama, with Vice President Joe Biden, speaks April 1 in the Rose Garden of the White House about the Affordable Care Act.

The best system of medical delivery in this country, in my humble opinion is a “single payer” system, where the federal government cuts out the insurance company middlemen and guarantees affordable health care for all. But that sounds too much like “socialized medicine” and to a sizeable portion of the population which already believes that President Obama is an “un-American, Moslem, communist,” a single payer system is not going to fly any time soon. We’ll just leave it where the insurance companies get rich, handling all the details in the manner to which we’ve all grown accustomed.

Meanwhile, March 2014 rolled around and with it, the March 31 deadline for enrollment into Obamacare. The president’s opponents were smug, confident that the public was voting against the ACA by staying home. But voila! March Madness, and there was a surge of enrollees, including the necessary under-40-year-old invincibles whose premiums without much need for treatment, would balance out the older enrollees whose treatments are just by definition more expensive.

There were so many folks lined up at the end to enroll, that the computers were once again overwhelmed and the administration gave waivers to all those who were trying to register but had not completed the process when the deadline arrived.

The final count? There were 7.1 million Americans who signed up for Obamacare, absolutely no thanks whatsoever to the Republican haters, who still think their opposition to the legislation will win them congressional and senate seats in November. Instead, it seems people may find themselves happy to have medical insurance so that one illness or one accident does not automatically spell bankruptcy.

Congratulations President Obama and your team! You delivered on that Obamacare goal, though your haters may be averse! Now let’s see if it makes a difference in people’s lives and their health care outcomes.