MUHAMMAD: A Government of 'Men' and Not Laws

Askia Muhammad | 4/16/2014, 3 p.m.
To say that the legal outcome of any dispute in the United States is a function of scientific-like "laws" which ...
Askia Muhammad

To say that the legal outcome of any dispute in the United States is a function of scientific-like “laws” which function immutably for all regardless of whom or what is nothing more than a joke. Independent of the “justice” involved in any situation, the intransigence of White men has rendered the outcome of all legal disputes to unalterably favor White people.

Whether it’s the fact that in Congress, the Republican “White People’s Party” received 5 million fewer votes in the 2012 election than the Democrats, yet still holds a 241-190 lead is all the evidence that’s needed. At least 218 votes are needed to command the majority.

On the state level, legislatures have gerrymandered districts in such a way that more than 90 percent of those districts are either “safe Democrat” or “safe Republican” meaning that unless something cataclysmic happens, that balance of power will remain. Furthermore, that House Republican majority is controlled from within by a small clique of 60-or-so Tea Party members whose nihilistic view – that is that all government is bad and must be dismantled at all costs – controls the Party from a perch on the lunatic right-wing fringe.

These Tea Party fanatics vote in lock-step unity, and their brown-shirt, Gestapo-like tactics have put the fear of God in any would-be Republican moderates that they will face a Tea Party-supported primary challenge at home if they don’t tow the party line.

The Senate has a façade of “independence” from Tea Party fascist ideology, and even though Republicans are in the minority in that branch, when it comes to certain votes, like confirming some of President Barack Obama’s Black nominees to his Cabinet positions, or voting for simple acts like equal pay for female workers, there’s not a single GOP vote to be found. Not one!

And despite their miserable label as a “do nothing Congress,” the Republicans are confident that they will win a Senate majority, and expand their House lead in the upcoming 2014 mid-term elections.

So, they’ve got a lock on the federal legal system, and in the courts it’s just as bad if not worse. On the Supreme Court, the oldest, sooner-to-retire Justices are the liberals, and unless there’s a vacancy before January 2015, the Senate will never confirm anyone President Obama nominates to The Court, whether it’s replacing a liberal or a conservative.

But get this, in Nevada – where gambling and prostitution are already legal – the federal law enforcement establishment backed down on enforcing Bureau of Land Management grazing laws against a gangster rancher who owes more than $1 million in grazing fees for his cattle grazing on public land. It seems Mr. Rancher and several dozen of his armed compadres – just itching for a fight with “The Government” – came to his ranch to confront federal law enforcement officers who were confiscating the man’s cattle to make him pay his decades-old grazing bill.

Now these are armed White men come to support a wealthy law-breaker who insists he’s been grazing his land for free since he was knee-high-to-a-grasshopper, and he doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t get to keep fattening his herd on public land for free. The cowboy has lost his case throughout the courts, yet he and his modern posse are there, willing to fight and die for their “freedom” to pick and choose which laws they will obey and which ones they will ignore.