ALFORD: No, This is Not a Black Thing

Harry C. Alford | 4/23/2014, 3 p.m.
Harry C. Alford

Racial discrimination does exist in this world but certainly not at the level it did prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It has been waning but sometimes it will lift its ugly head. Whenever that happens it should be snuffed out quickly and firmly. As one proud Jamaican member of the National Black Chamber of Commerce said to me, “Show me that I am late; my price is too high, my product is unsafe. Don’t you ever say no because of the color of my skin, for I will fight you with every breath of my life.”

That is wise advice and we must be certain not to shrug off pressure or rebuke by saying, “It’s because I am Black.” So when we hear people say that our president or attorney general is being criticized because they are Black, we should check them. Heck, the fact of the matter they are where they are because of the timing and the fact that they are Black – at least considered Black.

The fact is, as a whole, our nation is in a very critical state of uneasiness. It is pure chaos right now. We don’t look assuring to our allies and our enemies are smiling at our apparent weakness. Yes, right now we are in a giant cesspool of deceit, timidity, corruption and cowardice. Great nations don’t act like this and it has nothing to do with “Black.” My people it is time to get a grip on the realities at hand. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Let me note some examples.

We have had a non-accountable State Department. I hope Secretary John Kerry can turn it around. Can you believe that this major agency had been operating without an Inspector General for five years? What does that mean? The IG is responsible for oversight and accountability. During the absence of an IG, the State Department cannot account for more than $6 billion in procurement. Who got paid for what? Did they actually do the work? Was strict procurement laws followed? They don’t know. Many of the files are lost and some have been pilfered. Where is the investigation and who is going to jail? The five Mafia families of New York could not have been more corrupt.

Oh yes, the State Department is still playing dumb about the Benghazi attack that is now a scandal. Oh, how they lied on all of the Sunday news shows about it, like we weren’t going to find out. Four of our people were murdered by Al Qaida linked persons and we won’t even arrest them for trial. They fear what will come out in court. So they stall and stall and stall. Justice is not served.

The same goes with Homeland Security. The “Fast and Furious” disaster put hundreds of illegal weapons onto the streets. We lost a border patrol officer and hundreds of Mexican citizens and they stall and stall and stall. Justice is not served.