MUHAMMAD: White Men and Their Guns

Askia Muhammad | 4/30/2014, 3 p.m.
By and large, this gun thing is a White guy's game.
Askia Muhammad

A Georgia White man panicked parents and children at a Forsythe County park and baseball field recently by randomly walking around and displaying his gun to anyone he encountered in the parking lot. As parents barricaded their children and the game was cancelled, the man wandered around the park showing his gun to strangers, telling them “there’s nothing you can do about it.” And he was correct.

A new law signed by Georgia’s Republican governor gives licensed gun permit owners permission to take their weapons, of course on the streets, into churches, restaurants, bars, some government buildings, even into unsecured areas of the Atlanta airport, one of the world’s busiest. What’s more, police officers cannot even question persons they suspect of having a gun to show their permit. That’s the new law.

Watching some of the television coverage of the reaction to the new law by a bunch of armed White folks at a celebration, one man told a reporter he carries a gun to “protect myself.” Protect yourself from whom, mister? Who else? From Black men and boys, that’s who.

I realize that there are a lot of Black men and women who talk “the smack” about having and using guns, and there are lots of White women in the game too – why I read a rumor that when she moved into the White House, first lady Nancy Reagan slept with a pistol under her pillow. But by and large, this gun thing is a White guy’s game.

Eminent psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explains this as a White (especially male) reaction to their own genetic inferiority. That is the genes in White people are genetically “recessive,” where as the genes in Black folks are genetically “dominant.” In other words if a White person of any gender produces an offspring with a Black person of the opposite gender, the child will have darker skin, curlier hair, and brown – not blue – eyes. Therefore, if all White genetically recessive people – who are also a numerical minority of the world’s population – “integrate” with genetically dominant darker people, Caucasian people will disappear from the earth’s population.

Realizing this, White men especially in America, want something to help them “even the score” with Blacks who they see as genetically superior. Hence the gun, which has a nickname as “the equalizer.” Hence the gun is usually worn on a belt, in the area of the genitals – the part of the body which transfers the genetic code to the next generation.

Yes, White men also have a mortal fear of “street crime” by Black men, and of course the “violation” of their women. Witness the example of the White man who murdered a Black teenager for playing his music too loud. That White man felt he needed to protect himself from that Black child by drawing his gun and shooting the car in which the Black teenager was sitting, then driving off with his girlfriend and ordering a pizza.

So in Georgia, White men can be almost anywhere and everywhere with concealed weapons – a warning to Black would-be assailants to go pick on someone else, because this dude or that dude may be “packing.”