ALFORD: An Energized Future at Home

Harry C. Alford | 2/12/2014, 3 p.m.
Yes, the future is bright for those of us who support our important energy industry.
Harry C. Alford

Climate change is a fact. We have seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, which rotate on an eternal basis. Temperatures vary on an ongoing basis, which is why we have weather reports. Man has no control over the weather. Global warming is a theory that has yet to be proven.

Former Vice President Al Gore has created a personal windfall that has given him hundreds of millions of dollars. He claimed that by 2013 there would be no more ice caps on the North Pole. It is 2014 and there are more than ever. His unfounded rants even got him a Nobel Peace Prize. He became one of the greatest hustlers of all time.

People who claim that global warming is happening try to stop every form of industrial activity in the United States. They want to attack the lifeblood of our economy and our way of life. Energy, all forms of it, is their target. Their mantra is “shut it down!” No more coal, oil or natural gas and only new forms of energy should be allowed. This strategy is some sort of insanity and it will never win over the majority of our nation.

There was a time when our oil needs were based on importing. We were dependent on nations that were not that friendly to us. Price volatility was out of our control. Today, America is robust with oil. Only 10 percent of our oil now comes from the Middle East. Canada and Mexico, our friendly neighbors, are our principal importers. We could be totally independent if the government would allow us to explore the vast amount of federally owned land and off shore on our coastlines. We are limiting our potential.

If we opened up our true potential, we could become a major exporter of oil. That would mean an economic boom for our treasury and increase jobs by the millions. Soon, the Keystone Pipeline will be constructed from the Canadian border to our Gulf Coast. The environmentalists have been fighting this fiercely. But the truth has been confirmed by the State Department. There will be no adverse impact from the construction and operation of this project. This will be another monumental victory for our energy industry.

We have been having even more success with natural gas. Fracking is a process of extracting natural gas from rocks buried deep into our soil. The technique was invented in the 1950s but improvements to it have made it much more productive and profitable. We have become the Saudi Arabia in natural gas. No nation has more than we do. The price of natural gas is about $2 per unit in the United States. In places like Europe and Japan it is more than $14 per unit. The environmentalists have been trying fanatically to stop the use of fracking but to no avail. In the end, our economy wins out. We are now taking our $2 natural gas and exporting it to other places for a very nice profit. We have turned our importing docks to exporting docks. The environmentalists have been pressuring the government to stop the permitting of new docks. We will win that fight also because we are talking jobs by the thousands here.