MUHAMMAD: Morocco — The Gateway to Africa

Askia Muhammad | 2/12/2014, 3 p.m.
I'm far from a wealthy person to whom folks with money pay attention for investment advice. Yet I can say ...
Askia Muhammad

Unless your country has a powerful military like China, Russia, or the United States, investment in a war-torn continent might seem frightening to most with money. Furthermore, the traditional gateways to Africa are themselves in ruin.

Among those gateways: South Africa is so corrupt, attendees at the public memorial service for the late Nelson Mandela, loudly booed their own president – Jacob Zuma – while they gave a warm reception to U.S. President Barack Obama, a son of Africa, whose father was born in Kenya. Meanwhile, I can’t think of an intelligent non-Nigerian with any disposable income, who would dare even set foot in that equally corrupt, and now mortally dangerous country which has been torn apart by sectarian warfare. And finally, Egypt is also torn asunder by political-religious strife.

But not so, Morocco. Whatever that kingdom’s naysayers may repeat, Morocco is a stable, secure country which weathered its own “Arab Spring” with hundreds of reforms to its legislature, to its treatment of women, to its treatment of prisoners, to human rights, and to all forms of discrimination. What’s more, Morocco has instituted its own “green revolution” aimed at modernizing its agricultural and fisheries to compete in the modern world.

Finally, if any African-American investors, from wealthy individuals, to churches, to credit unions, to labor organizations; if any African-American investors wake up soon and smell the economic coffee brewing in Africa, they should most certainly look at Morocco – a stable American ally in the Muslim world – as an important starting ground.