MUHAMMAD: Muslim Scholars Should Unite

Askia Muhammad | 2/26/2014, 3 p.m.
It is time that Nation of Islam scholars convene themselves and form their own academic council.
Askia Muhammad

But in the last five years or so, that landscape has begun to change as more, and more, and more, and more Nation of Islam members have earned and are earning PhDs in various fields of study. So many of these “Black Muslim” believers in the teachings of Mr. Elijah Muhammad have emerged until I have suggested to some of them and to some of the candidates who will be receiving these “terminal degrees” this year, that it is time that these NOI scholars convene themselves and form their own academic council.

Such a group would not be able to themselves confer degrees, but they can provide critical, academically sound “peer review” and mentorship to other young scholars coming along who encounter an academic environment which is hostile to their own personal spiritual beliefs.

All of those with whom I have spoken have been receptive to the idea of forming a body of scholars, all of whom are believers in Mr. Muhammad’s core teaching about Islam and the origin of human life.

Personally, I have nothing to possibly gain from such a council, except the joy at seeing people who believe as I believe having an incontrovertible academic review system, since I myself, like the intellectual geniuses – the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad; Brother Malcolm X; Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” Heavyweight Champion; and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan; like those intellectual giants, I have “NoD.” at all after my name.