MUHAMMAD: Courageous Attorney 'Free at Last'

Askia Muhammad | 1/15/2014, 3 p.m.
After months of demonstrations, public and private pleas to authorities, and prodding of Justice Department officials, attorney Lynne Stewart is ...
Askia Muhammad

Prisoner advocates have long joked and complained that President Barack Obama has pardoned nearly as many turkeys before Thanksgiving in an annual White House tradition, than he has pardoned deserving federal inmates. The week after the Trotter Group meeting, the White House announced that the president had pardoned three dozen inmates, though his total lags far behind even the most conservative of his predecessors. President Lyndon Johnson pardoned 1,187; Richard Nixon pardoned 926; and even Ronald Reagan gave clemency to 406 inmates.

“Every time that we talk to people and hold them accountable to our truths, and The Truth, and the truth of what we’re doing is super important,” Hanrahan said. “I want to connect even with the jailers, and the Holders, and the drone-strike-Obamas. I want to connect with them and make them accountable really for what they’re doing.

“Yes they have responsibility for leading and for doing more, and it’s our obligation at every moment to bring that forth, and that means, Askia, like you did, yes, I know it makes a difference. And we never know which tipping point. It might be the 30th person, it might be first person, it might be the 1,000th person. It might be one person standing in front of the White House. There are moments when consciousness is raised, and when accountability (even at the U.S. Supreme Court) follows the standards of human decency and popular will.”