MUHAMMAD: You Break it, You Own it, America

Askia Muhammad | 7/9/2014, 3 p.m.
America's friends all seem to be afraid to fight for their own countries.
Askia Muhammad

And then something went amiss in Nigeria. The presidency of the African continent’s most populous and wealthiest nation got stuck in the hands of a Christian with the unfaithful given name of “Goodluck”: President Goodluck Jonathan. This happened right at the moment an uprising was sweeping the African Sahel region, from Mali, through Niger, Chad, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Sudan, Somalia, Congo, with ripples in Kenya and waves sweeping over Egypt and Libya. All thanks to meddling by our crazy Uncle Sam Buttinsky.

Now the same thing is going on in Syria and Iraq, and U.S. policymakers don’t know which way to push or to pull. After a disastrously immoral and probably illegal decision to invade and occupy Iraq in 2003, on the promise that the Iraqi people would “welcome” American troops as “liberators,” 10 years and 4,000 dead later, hundreds and hundreds of billions of “good” dollars flushed down the sewer after the bad money that led this country there, now that whole experiment is unraveling like a ball of yarn.

The sad part about it is that there is no solution in sight, because U.S. money can’t buy for its allies the one thing this country’s enemies seem to have in a much greater abundance: courage. America’s friends all seem to be afraid to fight for their own countries.

Now, all the trinkets are falling to the ground and breaking, and there’s not enough political will, blood, or treasure in this country to pay to fix them.