SPRIGGS: Perceptions of Equality

William Spriggs, Special to The Informer | 6/16/2014, 8:03 a.m.
Morgan Freeman

I think those who disagree with Freeman think his dismissal of race was an assumption that equal opportunity exists. If African-Americans are not held back in moving up the class ladder, then how can anyone in America claim to be held back? If the economic game in America is fair and not rigged against African-American success, which Americans can call foul?

Just as the victories of Owens and Louis did not mean the end of segregation or discrimination, neither does the victory of President Barack Obama mean the end of Donald Sterling's sprawling Los Angeles real estate empire that discriminated against black and Latino tenants. The 1 percent benefit from a different set of rules, from lower marginal tax rates to bigger tax deductions for their homes, savings and health.

Blaming African-Americans for not seizing the day and rising to the top is an indictment of the 99 percent. Racism is not an "excuse," but a way to understand the rules are not fair, this is not a lack of will, but acknowledgement rules are rigged for multinational corporations to give away our jobs and Wall Street to steal our homes. It is an understanding that inequality is not a natural state, but is manufactured.

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