6/18/2014, 3 p.m.
There has not been nor will there ever be another politician who will be able to do what Marion Barry ...
Marion Barry

It’s true: Marion Barry is our mayor for life! There has not been nor will there ever be another politician who will be able to do what Marion Barry did for this city. That’s why I thoroughly enjoyed the article, “Barry’s Life Takes Center Stage,” by Barrington Salmon that appeared in the June 12 edition.

Most of the new residents of the District of Columbia don’t have a clue as to why Marion Barry is so loved by so many. They probably only know of his highly publicized struggles with the law, and can’t understand why anyone would hold him in such high esteem. Those who know him know what he did for this city and love him for it. He gave so much to so many and took nothing for himself.

He proved to the world that African Americans could run a major city, and run it well. A black police chief, a black fire chief, a black school superintendent, and a black city administrator – Barry gave them all a chance to show what they could do. And in the summer, if a young person wanted to work, his administration provided jobs for them.

Marion Barry was bold and very determined to see that the residents of the District got everything they deserved, and when he was challenged he didn’t back down. He gave the residents a sense of pride in our city and we finally felt that we were an important part of the District. Washington D.C. would not be what it is today if it were not for Marion Barry, period!

Dennis Ward

Washington, D.C.

Go-Go Meets Classical!

What a fantastic article “District Orchestra Unlikely Mix, Excites Audiences” in the June 12th edition of The Informer by Stacy Brown. Who would have ever thought, a Go-Go Symphony! This is creative music at its best, the hard beating sounds of the streets of D.C. mixed with the symphonic sounds of an orchestra.

I haven’t had the chance to hear this wonderful form of music, but I can’t wait to catch them at the Atlas Performing Arts Center in Northeast Washington. I grew up listening to go-go and still dance to it whenever I hear it. To me it’s the equivalent of my parents talking about listening to Motown when they were growing up. Well, go-go music is my Motown. Music is an art form that’s constantly changing. When a certain style of music is adopted by and identified with a community, it’s legitimate and therefore should be studied, taught, and expanded upon. The Go-Go Symphony seems to be a great example of this.

Thanks for letting the community know about this new and exciting pairing and, as usual, The Washington Informer does a great job of bringing us “the good stuff.”

Barry Faulk

Washington, D.C.

Parental Involvement Needed

The article, “Parents Protest Ouster of PTSA President,” by Sam P.K. Collins in the June 12-18 paper, is just the kind of catalyst needed in the black community for getting more people to recognize the importance parental involvement plays in the education of our children.