EDITORIAL: Metro's Dilemma

6/25/2014, 3 p.m.
Courtesy Photo

Beginning June 29, Metro riders will have to dig a little deeper to take public transportation. Overall, Metrorail fares will increase by an average of three percent. The average train ride will cost $3.00, while bus fares will be bumped up to $1.75, up from $1.60 for those with a SmarTrip card. Riders paying cash will save five cents per ride.

For some passengers, the daily round-trip commute could be more than $10, and if they drive, add $4.50 for parking. Lots of area residents can’t afford that. Despite repeated assurances by Metro officials that service is improving, disgruntled riders say they aren’t seeing improvements on the ground. The Red Line is notorious for innumerable delays, then there’s the track work and other issues which have raised the ire and dissatisfaction people feel.

Already, there are reports that ridership is down and that is said to be a response, in part, to higher prices and questionable service.

Metro officials have their work cut out for them as they try to lure commuters back.