Safeway Opens Petworth Location

Grocery Store to Promote Healthy Lifestyles

safeway.com | 6/27/2014, 11 p.m.
Safeway opened its new store in Northwest D.C.'s Petworth neighborhood Friday with festivities that included recognition of military veterans from ...
Retired Vice Adm. Manson Brown (center), the highest-ranking African-American to have served in the U.S. Coast Guard, attended the June 27 opening of a Safeway in D.C.'s Petworth neighborhood. Brown is a Petworth native.

Safeway opened its new store in Northwest D.C.'s Petworth neighborhood Friday with festivities that included recognition of military veterans from the area.

The new store, developed by Duball LLC, measures more than 62,000 square feet and serves as the anchor for a mixed-use project that includes the Swift Residences directly above the store, providing a friendlier and more accessible urban shopping setting. Safeway is pleased to promote healthy lifestyles in a sustainable space that is nearly three times the size of the previous store on the site, which stood for nearly 50 years.

The grand opening ceremony featured a tribute to local military veterans from the nearby Armed Forces Retirement Home and the unveiling of a display honoring Petworth veterans, including recently retired U.S. Coast Guard Vice Adm. Manson Brown, who was the Guard’s highest ranking African-American officer and grew up in the Ward 4 neighborhood.

The new store offers twice as many items as the previous store, including more than 1,200 produce items, 150 cuts of fresh meat daily, 15 varieties of fresh baked bread, 35 types of fish, 350 beers and 500 wines. Many of these products are regionally sourced from Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania so customers can be assured they are getting the freshest foods while supporting local businesses and growers.

Safeway encourages and promotes healthy lifestyles for all of their customers, offering a variety of sugar free, gluten free, and organic choices. Safeway’s exclusive Open Nature line is dedicated to simplicity with products that contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives, while its O Organics products are grown and prepared to USDA organic standards without the use of synthetic pesticides, genetic modification, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

The store offers new food features, such as a sushi chef, salad bar, cheese specialist, hot bar, prepared food section, soup selection, sandwich bar and olive bar — all of which provide a variety of easy options for customers to pick up a great meal.

In an effort to serve local consumer needs, the store will feature an extensive ethnic food section with many Hispanic food offerings. Bolillo rolls will be baked fresh from scratch daily to make tasty tortas, and a variety of baked goods from Delicias Bakeries in Hyattsville will be available as well.

The Petworth Safeway employs approximately 225 individuals, a large number of whom will be District residents, including roughly 40 from the Petworth neighborhood.

The new store has been built to LEED standards with the intention of becoming the fifth LEED-certified Safeway in the area. In addition to Safeway’s dedication to recycling and composting waste, the building has external shading to reduce heat while using natural light and LED lighting throughout the store which runs on an energy management system. Countless additional energy saving and sustainable features are present in the design of the store, which is easily accessible to public transportation.