LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: My Brother's Keeper!

3/5/2014, 3 p.m.
There is real need for someone to do something in our community, but I wonder if this is what is ...
President Obama speaks Feb. 27, 2014, in the East Room of the White House in Washington in front of minority youth during an event to launch "My Brother's Keeper," an initiative to create and foster opportunities for boys and young men of color. (Courtesy of the White House)

I was happy to read about President Obama’s plans, “Obama to Launch Initiative for Minorities,” Feb. 27, 2014, by Stacy Brown, which will be his way of answering some of the criticism of him not doing enough for the black community.

There is real need for someone to do something in our community, but I wonder if this is what is needed. There are some real systemic problems in our community and I just don’t think a government program is the answer. You cannot legislate morals, respect for yourself and others or just plain decency. Why is it that we are the only community that is always seeking help from the government to somehow save ourselves?

Take a look; we are hurting ourselves more than anyone else. Our lack of respect for one another, our lack of respect for our history, our lack of respect for family, our lack of respect for education and our lack of respect for the work ethic. Granted, if people are breaking laws and not hiring us because of our skin color, or not accepting us into schools, colleges and universities because of the color of our skin, of course, the government should step in and prosecute them to the fullest. On the other hand, if we are not prepared for a job or acceptance into a school or university, that’s on us. It is time for us to stop looking for someone else to save us. Believe me, we can save ourselves.

Michael Holland

Silver Spring, Md.

Defining Love

The stories in your special section, “Planting & Reaping Love,” Feb. 20, 2014 edition were exemplary stories of love and commitment. I enjoyed reading them very much. But it was the quote on the front-page of The Informer by Lao Tzu that put things in perspective about my relationship and my life.

The quote states, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” As a husband and a father, without that kind of love I would have never been able to do the things I have been able to do. I would have never had the strength or courage to try to maintain and fix things around the house, knowing I knew nothing about it. That kind of love gives you the courage to stand in front of a crowded auditorium full of parents at a PTA meeting and speak on behalf of your children, because love tells you that if you don’t speak up for them no one else will.

That kind of love gives you the strength and courage to look at yourself and realize that you are not all that you thought you were and that you need to work and grow. And if you fail, with that kind of love you know those who love you will not leave you. It is a beautiful quote and I am a witness: Love can change your life.

Leonard Davis

Largo, Md.