Faye Fields Blazes Trail for Women, Blacks

Stacy M. Brown | 3/12/2014, 3 p.m.
Faye Ford Fields counts as the very definition of a mogul.
The group of minority owners of the Washington Nationals Baseball team is seen here. Faye Fields is seated fifth from the left. (Courtesy of the Lerner Companies)

The funding experience also taught Fields a valuable lesson, she said.

“Women were not taken seriously, so each time I’d go somewhere, I’d make sure to show up with a man and it worked,” Fields said. “You go with what works. Even today, it’s tough for women, but you can’t be discouraged.”

Fields has continued to display courage and tenacity, becoming part owner of the Nationals, a board member of Group Hospitalization and Medical Services Inc. in Northeast, and she serves on the board of directors of the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital in Northwest.

She was approached by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to lead a 2010 session on successful graduation from the SBA’s business development program and Fields was selected as one of nine individuals who were featured in the 2007 book, “Gems of Wisdom for Succeeding in the Business Development and Beyond Program.”

Fields said she isn’t sure how much longer she’ll remain at her company because she feels that the time is approaching where she should enjoy life and the fruits of her labor, although she won’t ever completely stop working.

Fields said she will continue to help others.

She said it’s important that those striving to operate a business are willing to put the needed time in and to make sacrifices.

“Too many young people want everything now. They don’t want to make sacrifices and they don’t want to work hard,” Fields said.

“I had parents who had high expectations and my mother would tell me that I could do anything I wanted to do if I worked hard and, over time, that lesson took.”

Fields said she’s proud to be able to help others and to watch those she’s already provided a helping hand succeed.

“The number of people that I can provide jobs and employment opportunities to and to those who work with me [their growth] – that’s what will make me happy,” she said.