Kidney Facts

3/19/2014, 2 p.m.
  • Each kidney is about 5 inches (about 13 centimeters) long and about 3 inches (about 8 centimeters) wide — about the size of a computer mouse.
  • First, blood is carried into the kidneys by the renal artery (anything in the body related to the kidneys is called "renal"). The average person has 1 to 1½ gallons of blood circulating through his or her body.
  • The kidneys filter that blood as many as 400 times a day! More than 1 million tiny filters inside the kidneys remove the waste.
  • Kidney receives 20-25% of all blood which is pumped by the heart. The body’s entire blood bring in circulates throughout the kidneys about 12 times per hour. Kidney filters about 2 gallons of blood in an hour. Kidney filters around two hundred quarts of blood each day.
  • The majority regular causes of kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure. What a good number of people don’t understand is that having over-the-counter pain-relieving medicines, can also effect in kidney disorder.
  • 1 in 9 American adults has kidney disease — and most don't know it.
  • Major risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney failure and being age 60 or older.
  • Additional risk factors include kidney stones, smoking, obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • Kidney disease kills more than 90,000 Americans every year — more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.