MUHAMMAD: Three Generations, Four Beautiful Women Tour China

3/26/2014, 3 p.m.
I have often joked that if I was in President Barack Obama's shoes, I would join the National Rifle Association. ...
Askia Muhammad

On this trip Mrs. Obama apparently won praise from ordinary Chinese people who met her, just as she does from ordinary American people who meet her. They said she is a conscientious and attentive listener.

Her elegant fashion choices were also a big hit in China, according to the reports I read, but looking good in nice clothes should be (and obviously is) easy for anyone who is as fine as strained-talcum-powder, as she is. While I’m on the subject, President Obama is kind-of “easy on the eyes” himself, which brings me back to his really pretty daughters and the importance of their grandmother in their lives.

I once visited the home of a girl named Joyce I met when I was a college student. Her grandmother met me and interrogated me when I entered the house, as to my intentions, before her granddaughter was even permitted to come downstairs for our visit. For the remainder of that school year I was always careful to conduct myself in the manner I had been taught by my own mother, lest some report of bad behavior on my part get back to Joyce’s grandmother.

And so if Mrs. Marian Robinson and her daughter, the first lady Michelle Robinson Obama, work this the way I suspect they will, then daughters Malia and Sasha will grow up to be as beautiful from the inside-out, as they are too look at. And if they are as good at judging and choosing the character of their male companions as their mother and grandmother were, then there won’t be any need for a membership in any gun clubs for First Dad, Barack Obama.