This Week's Horoscopes - May 15-21, 2014

5/14/2014, 3 p.m.

ARIES - What should you do on Monday and Tuesday? As little as possible. Lose yourself in your own thoughts. Ask for extra time with any paperwork that requires your signature. Take naps if you want. You'll burn enough calories on Wednesday and Thursday -- exciting days, both -- for an entire week's worth of adventure. Friday and Saturday (when patience and permanence are major themes) return you to a slower pace, but, again, not for long: Everything is in fast-forward on Sunday. This includes your love life; if you're single, well, expect developments.

TAURUS - Your friends are tremendous people, and they'd love to help. If something is getting you down, Monday and Tuesday offer you plenty of opportunities to do something about that. Get that weight off your shoulders; open up. Wednesday and Thursday you'll be too busy rushing around -- uncharacteristically so -- to have heartfelt conversations with your pals. But Friday and Saturday, you find yourself effortlessly relating to your friends. Your love life is also effortless these days. Someone says something incredibly flattering to you on Sunday.

GEMINI - The questions you have about your career aren't going to go away -- the current quandary is just the most recent manifestation of a very basic issue, so don't stress the details. Focus on being creative (and enjoying yourself!) and pretty much everything else will click into place (eventually). Wednesday and Thursday, seek the advice of close friends -- and the occasional acquaintance (why not?) -- and then Friday and Saturday, show the world what you're made of. Sunday isn't a good day for getting things done, but you'll meet a lot of people.

CANCER - Your mind wanders on Monday and Tuesday, and ends up in the funniest places. This is, believe it or not, productive. These daydreams make for swell anecdotes as well. You're more in tune with others than you have been in a while, although Wednesday and Thursday, as social as you feel like being, you're better off doing your own thing. (If you do end up being social, take care to think before speaking.) Friday and Saturday bring word of good news in the family realm, and as your mood brightens this weekend, you find yourself being more extroverted and impulsive than usual.

LEO - Your instincts are in top form at the start of the week, and so are your listening skills. Combined, they'll get you out of any tricky situation. As you gear up to make a big decision, count on your friends to bring to light aspects of your current circumstance you might not have considered before. You enjoy learning new things -- even when they're new (and potentially embarrassing) things about yourself. Friday and Saturday, a ton of attention comes your way for something you never expected to be a big deal, and you spend the rest of the weekend beaming.

VIRGO - You never know what's going on in someone else's life. If you have the impulse to criticize a friend on Monday or Tuesday, consider that you might not have the full story. Wednesday and Thursday, as happy as you may be, relations with coworkers are strained, and you may end your days in a state of frustration, but you don't need to let work issues ruin your end-of-the-week plans. Friday and Saturday, you and you-know-who are more compatible than ever. Dinner Saturday night is the highlight of the weekend, although Sunday has the potential to be great, too.