Exelon, Pepco Say Merger Deal Isn't Dead Yet

Pepco and Exelon vowed Monday to retool their rejected $6.8 million merger proposal, contending that D.C.'s rebuff of the deal is leaving on the table "hundreds of millions of dollars in direct financial benefits" for the region.

Robert Johnson, Playing By His Own Rules

A symbol of leadership and an innovator, Robert Johnson has a legacy that could ultimately be defined by what he's accomplished to level the playing field for African-Americans and other minorities in corporate America.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Honor Julian Bond by Supporting the NAACP

Were you one of the people lamenting the passing of former NAACP Chairman Julian Bond? What of consequence are you doing to memorialize him and his works?

D.C. Rejects Pepco-Exelon Merger

Exelon Corp's $6.8 billion bid for Pepco Holdings Inc. has been rejected by D.C.'s Public Service Commission.

U.S. Black Chamber Pressing Auto Dealers for Fair Return on Black Dollars

This year alone, African-Americans are projected to spend as much as $24 billion on new cars and other vehicles from America's auto industry. Yet, research shows that, commensurate with their spending, Black consumers have little to show for their support ...

State of Black Homeownership: More Denials than Access to Mortgages

Why is Black homeownership shrinking?

Logan Gaskill Named Human Resources VP for National Harbor Casino

Logan Gaskill has been named vice president of human resources for upcoming National Harbor casino resort in Prince George's County, where he'll be responsible for recruiting and hiring a workforce of about 3,600 new employees, MGM announced Thursday.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: All That Glitters Ain't Gold

Do you support jacking the minimum wage in the District of Columbia up to $15 an hour, and why?

Robert Johnson: Advocate for 'Rooney Rule'

Four years ago Robert L. Johnson urged corporate America to take a cue from the NFL and incorporate its own "Rooney Rule," which was instituted in 2003 as an effort by the NFL to increase the percentage of black coaches.

Maryland Counties Celebrate 'Hiring Revolution'

They are calling it a pathway out of poverty and a game changer.

Prince George's to Give Another $20M Toward Purple Line Project

Prince George's County officials announced Friday an additional $20 million in county funds would go toward the Purple Line project, taking another step closer to the construction of the 16-mile light-rail system.

MGM to Allow Metro Buses at National Harbor Casino Resort

MGM will add a bus stop in front of the upcoming National Harbor casino resort after originally planning to prohibit public buses from the facility, officials said.

Congress Should be Ashamed of Push to Roll Back Discriminatory Protection in Auto Finance

Last week, a U.S. House committee moved a bill that will stop the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from taking action against discriminatory practices in auto lending.

Federal Employment Report Shows Blacks' Level of Progress in the Workforce

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has published a new report on the status of women and minorities in the nation's workforce.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are the Koch Brothers Connecting with Blacks?

What do you think of the Koch brothers? Many blacks may want to take a look beyond the headlines to see what Koch money has been doing where we live.