Economic Challenges Widen in Black Communities: Report

Congressional lawmakers released a new report Tuesday from the Joint Economic Committee on the economic challenges faced by black communities around the nation.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are Blacks Losing Momentum?

While Blacks in both metropolitan areas basked in their prosperity and cosmopolitan shopping habits, Blacks in the core cities lost their political majorities to become "victims" of mainstream and "colorblind"-oriented politicians.

Energy Security Critical to Our Community: Don't Let Exelon Monopolize our Electricity

Sustainability is about more than recycling, or turning off lights in an empty room.

Exelon and Pepco: Supporting Sustainability in D.C.

Last year, Exelon and Pepco Holdings Inc. announced an agreement to combine companies to create the leading Mid-Atlantic electric and gas utility. Our proposed merger will bring exciting benefits to families, communities, businesses, and the economy here in the District.

Pepco and Exelon: Enhancing Sustainability in D.C.

Exelon and Pepco Holdings share a commitment to making the right choices when it comes to sustainability, environmental stewardship and efficient energy services for our customers.

How to Audit Your Home's Energy Efficiency

A home that wastes energy can put significant strain on your budget.

The Racial Wealth Gap

There is a statistical analysis that reports that the wealth inequality by race has grown since 2007.

Will the Senate Advise and Consent on the Loretta Lynch Nomination?

Loretta Lynch and the nation are waiting — still.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Creflo 'Pass-a-Dollar'

Does bad theology turn good men bad, or do bad men create belief systems to accommodate their ambitions?

D.C.'s Minority Contractors Come Out in Support of Corizon

A coalition of minority business owners, and others with an interest in the issue, began a full-court press on members of the D.C. Council Tuesday morning.

D.C. Expands Summer Youth Employment Program

D.C.'s summer youth employment program founded by Marion Barry will expand this summer to include residents as old as 24, the city announced Monday.

Are Banks' Account Overdraft Fees Taxing Your Student?

It's an encouraging sign that an increasing number of students are completing high school and then enrolling in college. But it's a bad thing when student bank accounts come with abusive overdraft fees and place their financial aid at risk.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Minority Set-Asides

What happened to the momentum that Blacks in the Washington area had that made them the wealthiest concentration of Blacks in the nation?

Special-Needs Trust Planning

When we have a family member with special needs, we have an additional responsibility in planning for the future needs.

Obama, Federal Lawmakers Join Fight Against Payday Loans

When an increasing number of Americans are striving to keep their financial houses in order, eliminating predatory lending is making news.