BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Overcriminalization of America

Overcriminalization is a dangerous trend that is threatening African-Americans.

Will the Supreme Court Turn Back the Clock on Fair Housing?

Fair housing advocates have raised their voices and organized protests to mount pressure that conveys just how important fair housing is to the nation's citizens and its economy.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Cato says Congress Should Legalize Marijuana

The fight over pot in the District of Columbia has put the GOP in an awkward spot.

Pepco and Exelon Merger Meets Opposition

A proposed merger by utility companies Exelon and Pepco is being touted by officials of both companies as one that will benefit Pepco ratepayers, but a constellation of opponents has lined up to oppose the proposal.

Industrial Bank Offering Small Business Grants

One of the most respected financial institutions in the Washington Metropolitan area has earmarked $80,000 in the form of five grants in order to help local small businesses get a leg up on the competition.

Tax ID Theft Highlights Major Scam

One of the most pervasive scams related to identity theft is an ongoing telephone scam where taxpayers receive calls from scammers who purport to be tax agents from the Internal Revenue Service.

Hispanic Chamber's Focus: Making Connections

For the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, connections are the lifeblood of the organization. And that part of the organization's mission was on display at the recent Sixth Annual Embassy Dinner Series.

Sisters Partner to Tantalize with Tasty Treats in Edgewater

On a typical afternoon, the Sisters Torres are busy at work at their Edgewater bakery, Cake Artista.

A Presidential Plan to Give More Americans Their Own American Dream

About 800,000 homeowners whose mortgages were backed by the Federal Housing Administration could save $900 annually on mortgage costs, due to a small reduction in mortgage insurance premiums.

Payday Lending: A 21st Century Civil Rights Issue

In a very real way, payday loans are a leading civil rights issue in the 21st century. Many civil rights organizations are fighting for changes to end the debt trap created by these abusive products in our communities.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Soccer Stadium Set-Aside

As the city's development goes forward, isn't it time to give Marion his due?

One Million Could Lose Food Stamps

The economy has continued to improve since the dark days of the economic recession that wreaked havoc on the nation beginning in 2007. But with good news comes a depressing thought for many who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance ...

Protect Yourself from Mortgage and Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Homeowners who are finding it difficult to make their mortgage or are facing foreclosure are frequently targets of mortgage and foreclosure rescue scams.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: What Theme Will Blacks Pursue in 2015?

What side of the protest stage are you on — "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" or "Pay Up"?

Bowser Woos Business Community

At a Dec. 11 D.C. Chamber of Commerce breakfast, Muriel Bowser told the 450 guests at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center that local businesses and the private sector are critical partners in any of the city's future growth.