Key Initiatives Aim to Spur Job Growth in the District

A top priority of Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s administration has been to create a more sustainable economy for the city and to ensure employment opportunities exists for District residents.

The Emergence of Bitcoin: Why More Investors are Turning Online

As we continue to emerge out of the economic crisis, there's a new kind of money that's got investors around the world talking.

D.C. Mayor Gray to Embark on 10-Day Mission to China

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray will embark next week on a 10-day trade mission to China, where city leaders will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the District's sister-city relationship with Beijing.

Do's and Don'ts of Charge-Off Debts

With 19 of the nation's banks annually selling $37 billion in charged-off debts, the absence of clear guidelines for banks and debt collectors has led to many consumers facing lawsuits, harassing telephone calls and threats over debts that they may ...


Would you ever allow Charles Koch to mentor your children?

Banking on Industrial Equals Dollars and Sense

Mega-banks like JP Morgan and Bank of America dominate the financial services landscape today, but there’s still room for smaller institutions whose leaders have mastered prudence, forecasting and can instinctively take calculated risks, like those at Industrial Bank which just ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The State of Black America

The state of Black America only goes as far as the state of Blacks' politics. Blacks' status and politics have remained static for 40 years.

Pencils, Pens … and Property Insurance?

When preparing for college, property insurance is probably the last thing on a student’s mind. However, some students at Duke University learned about the importance of property insurance the hard way.

Ending the Payday Lending Debt Trap

In just a few days, the debt trap at the core of small-dollar loans that come with triple-digit interest rates and debt traps has generated an unprecedented groundswell of national and local attention.

Jesse Jackson Praises Apple for Releasing Employment Data

The Rev. Jesse Jackson praised Apple Inc., for being the latest Silicon Valley company to release its employment data amid complaints of few minorities holding executive positions in major corporations.


Despite America's so-called, "even-handedness in the Middle East," some Blacks are beginning to see events unfold through the eyes of the poor Palestinians and are appalled.

National my Social Security Week!

Whether retirement seems like it is just around the corner or years away, it is good to know that Social Security is working for you now — even if you are not receiving benefits yet.

Report: Nearly 1/3 of Top U.S. Corporations Have No Black Directors

Black Enterprise has released its latest exclusive report on African-American representation on the corporate boards of 250 of America's largest publicly traded companies today on BlackEnterprise.com.

Overdraft Fees Drain Dollars Available to Consumers

as the use of debit cards have replaced most cash purchases, the "service" of overdraft protection has become a drain of available cash for consumers and a major source of revenue for banks.

The Lessons of My Father's Estate Plan

In my last article I shared about the lessons learned from the passing of my mother last month. My father read it and asked if I was going to write about what I learned in working with him. I thought ...