Henderson Tours Guide Travelers to Their African Roots

Henderson Tours was the first travel agency to offer large, multi-group tours to West Africa.

D.C. Businessmen Teach Skills to Unemployed Youth

Two longtime D.C. businessmen are offering a pathway to employment for city youths through a workforce development organization that aims to groom its participants for financial independence and entrepreneurship.

Consumers Want Action on Illegal Debt Collection

If you are one of the 77 million Americans who are hounded each year by debt collectors, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking on this $13 billion industry.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Protesters Paid to Disrupt?

Who's funding Black Lives Matter? Who pays for their placards, phone calls, faxes, iPhones, internet and front-line activists' food, lodging and transportation?

U.S. Transportation Dept. Approves Flights to Cuba

As part of the Obama administration's efforts to normalize relations with Cuba, the U.S. Department of Transportation approved six domestic airline services for flights to the island.

Financial Justice a Key Focus at 2016 NAACP Convention

In 2016, an issue echoed throughout the annual NAACP convention: financial justice.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Is Apology for Slavery Enough?

If Black Americans want real justice, it's time to remind the Congressional Black Caucus that when it comes to pushing for an American apology for slavery and reparations for Blacks, they need to either lead, follow or get out of ...

Black Lives Matter Movement Helps Make Black Banks Matter

Industrial Bank has experienced recent "exponential" applications for account openings as many African-Americans are now directing their dollars toward Black-owned banks in an effort to show solidarity and to maximize the growing spending power the community has long held.

Smartphone Apps Change Lives for People With Disabilities

As people with disabilities assimilate into all aspects of everyday life, their needs and demands expand.

Voters Want More — Not Less — Financial Regulation

On July 21, the first federal agency dedicated to serving the financial needs of consumers will be 5 years old.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Why Be Taken for Granted?

Blacks keep allowing themselves — and their issues — to be lost in the milieu of mainstream politics.

Black Farmers Seek Justice from Supreme Court

Farmers from the Southern region and their supporters gathered in front of the Supreme Court building in D.C. on Friday, demanding justice for what they called an unfair settlement in a landmark class-action lawsuit and the continued discrimination by the ...

Small Businesses Blossom with Goldman Sachs Initiative

Its goal is to help unlock the growth and job creation potential of small businesses across the country, providing greater access to business education, financial capital and support services. Since its inception announcement in 2009 and its start in 2010, ...

Give Consumers Their Day in Court: Hold Financial Services Accountable

Whenever consumers open a new credit account, borrow a loan or begin contract financial services, it's a sure bet that there will be a lot of terms and requirements that appear in print so small one would need a magnifying ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Procurement Conference a Golden Opportunity for Local Businesses

The Washington area is arguably the "best place in America" to do business with government and the ProBiz Entrepreneurial Conference is the place to forge relationships with captains in these industries.