Nielsen: Blacks Lead Hispanics in Social Media Penetration on PCs, Tablets

While social networking appeals to all races and ethnicities, differences do exist in how these groups may be sharing their digital voices or reading the voices of others, According to Nielsen's third-quarter Comparable Metrics Report

Economic Group Launches Anti-Poverty Initiative in Prince George's Co.

Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Jim Coleman announced Monday a new initiative aiming to decrease Prince George's County's poverty rate during a job fair for MGM and Whiting Turner at EDC headquarters in Largo, Maryland.

Working Poor Still Uninsured Despite Government Programs: Report

As many as five million of the nation's working poor are uninsured despite an array of state and federal policies aimed at helping them obtain health care, according to a comprehensive review by USA Today.

Abusive Debt Collectors Target Blacks

An old adage teaches that one man’s pain is another's gain. That adage is a truism when it comes to the debt collection industry.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: What's the Status of Black Reparations?

Approximately $100 trillion in reparations is owed to America's Blacks while their politicians frolic and preen in lieu of demanding payments.

DC Chamber CEO Wingo Steps Down

After a little less than two years at the helm, Harry Wingo, the former president and CEO for the DC Chamber of Commerce, has voluntarily resigned his post to pursue other opportunities.

'Black-on-Black Economics': Black Male Entrepreneurs Make Strategic Deposit in Black-Owned Bank

In a strategic effort to continue the movement of "Black-on-Black economics" — circulating dollars in the black community to every extent possible — a group of black male entrepreneurs led by the U.S. Black Chambers Inc. has opened accounts with ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Can 'Big Government' Save Black America?

Just by its cover, Blacks may not see how utilitarian "Good Profits" can be, but the publication can provide them meaningful insights on successful capitalistic practices.

Volkswagen Apology Ads Ignore Black, Latino Media

Still facing an uphill battle to regain its reputation as a trusted automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen has turned a blind eye to consumers in the Black and Latino community.

African-Americans, Minorities Hold Christmas Spending Power

African-Americans are again expected to wield their vast spending power this Christmas, but not without some pushback from a community that's seeking to further emphasize just how much black lives matter.

Andy Shallal, Busboys and Poets Owner, to Lead D.C. Workforce Council

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has appointed local businessman Andy Shallal to serve as chair of the Workforce Investment Council, a private sector-led board responsible for advising the mayor and city government officials on investments and strategies for the city's workforce ...

Abusive Debt Collectors Target Black Consumers

An old adage teaches that one man's pain is another's gain. That adage is a truism when it comes to the debt collection industry.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Kochs and Blacks

Because they are loyal pawns of party politicians, Blacks have been misled to believe that the Koch brothers are no friend to them.

CBC Pushing Diversity to Tech Firms

The Congressional Black Caucus has turned its attention to the lobbying industry as it pushes for more diversity in the tech world.

Black-Led Startup Capitalizes on Natural Gas Bonanza

A black entrepreneur's "power move" on the energy sector could create hundreds of jobs in one of the the poorest communities in Texas.