BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Is Big Government Really Your Friend?

Before we go beyond a $17 trillion national debt, John Q. Public should be aware of its overall societal impact — more than $53,000 for every person in the United States.

AT&T Faces $10B Race Discrimination Suit

A group that advocates for economic inclusion and fair contracting for Black-owned media recently filed a $10 billion lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against AT&T and DirecTV.

Black Press Member Pluria Marshall's Purchase of Texas, La. TV Stations OK'd

Federal regulators on Thursday approved the sale of two FOX TV affiliates to longtime media executive Pluria Marshall Jr., president and CEO of Houston-based Marshall Broadcasting Group (MBG).

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Case for Reparations

Is it that you're too humiliated by your lineage of slavery to demand what you're justly due?

Two Black LGBT Organizations to Merge

Incidents of racism and homophobia in America have skyrocketed in recent years causing blacks to reevaluate their strategies and therefore seek ways to better protect themselves. To bolster their programming and secure their financial future, two nationally-based organizations recently announced ...

Hierarchy of Estate Planning Legacy Building

Many are familiar with the Maslow's hierarchy of needs that explains how individuals begin at the bottom of the pyramid to meet basic needs and elevate up to the state of self-actualization. It demonstrates we all start out with meeting ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: D.C.'s Soccer Stadium

Generally speaking, do you favor or oppose using city funds to help finance a new soccer stadium for the District's Major League Soccer team, D.C. United?

Small-Business Owners Poised for Nov. 29 Sales

When it comes to success with small businesses, Areta Prince, owner of two popular clothing and jewelry boutiques in Prince George's County, counts among one of the most savvy of entrepreneurs.

Clergy Converge on Capitol Hill, Urge Limits on Payday Lending

Over 80 clergy from 22 states representing multiple denominations converged on Capitol Hill from Nov. 17-19 in a unified advocacy effort.

Debt Collectors Target, Harass Older Consumers

What should be the proverbial golden years are often tarnished by a struggle to keep pace with rising costs of living. These financial challenges are often worsened by aggressive debt collectors who hound older Americans about debts they may not ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: When Will Obama Help Us?

From one House Republican calling him a "liar" to his face to a newspaper article that called the president of the United States of America the N-word, Barack Obama has had to endure tremendous disrespect for a sitting president.

Foreign Investors Consider Options in Southeast D.C.

Leaders from a economic development corporation in Southeast have stepped up efforts to bring jobs and money to their community.

Busboys and Poets, Southeast Organization Announces New Location, Culinary Institute

The Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative and Busboys and Poets formally announced Wednesday a partnership that will result in a restaurant and hospitality and culinary leadership training institute in Ward 8 on Martin Luther King Avenue SE.

Herman J. Russell, 83, Famed Atlanta Businessman, Dies

Herman J. Russell, an Atlanta business magnate whose small plastering company developed into one of the nation's most prosperous black-owned real estate and construction firms, died Saturday. He was 83.


The way Black political activists throw daggers of "racist" at the Republicans, you'd think the Democrats are the party of Black liberation. But the fact remains that Black Americans have made little political progress inside the Democratic Party.