Black Car Dealer Makes History With Luxury Brands

Thomas A. Moorehead, owner of Sterling Motor Cars, recently became the first black-owned American car dealership to distribute the luxury Lamborghini and McLaren automobile franchises.

Anacostia Fashioned as 'Gateway' for World Trade Opportunities

Thursday, inside of a towering building owned by the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation, a delegation of female business owners from 35 African nations talked about forging partnerships with business leaders from the D.C. region.

Civil, Consumer Groups Push Feds on Debt-Collection Regs

When it comes to consumer complaints on credit and lending, debt collection generates more criticism than any other industry.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Kaepernick a Good Start, But Now What?

Black athletes' protests have gone prime-time. Colin Kaepernick is making his fellow Americans think about what they're standing for, and why.

Respectful Children Praised During Good Manners Month

September is National Children's Good Manners month, but parents today don't have to worry just about teaching their young ones to say "please" and "thank you" or to be polite. One of the biggest challenges faced by parents today is ...

Black Homeownership at Crisis Level, CBCF Panel Says

The homeownership rate in the Black community was at nearly 50 percent a dozen years ago. Today, the figure stands at 41.5 percent and could get worse, experts warn.

For-Profit Colleges Value Money Over Student Achievement

The bottom line is that student borrowers were getting short shrift from the institutions that promised far more.

Pepco Receives Utility of the Year Award for Easing Access to Solar

Pepco's effort to make it easier and less expensive for customers to access solar power has been hailed as a national model by the influential solar organization, Smart Electric Power Alliance.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Make Black Businesses Matter

Why is it that blacks just want to shake the hand of wooing political candidates with no mention of engaging our race's commerce, entrepreneurship and/or free-enterprise?

Black Businesses Adjust to Gentrification in Shaw

Gentrification in the once largely-black Shaw neighborhood is a microcosm of the town once known as "Chocolate City," as upscale whites and other nationalities have flooded the city in recent years.

'Star Trek' Marks 50th Anniversary

As the iconic science fiction franchise "Star Trek" celebrates its 50th anniversary, America is in many ways living in a Star Trek world.

Vet Marketing Exec to Head New Health Care Practice

A veteran marketing communications specialist who has worked for several corporate, nonprofit and government organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the Office of National Control Drug Policy, has been promoted to top leadership posts of a newly-formed health care ...

Prince George's Council Nixes Wal-Mart Expansion in Landover Hills

The Prince George George's County Council voted unanimously Tuesday to deny a Wal-Mart expansion in Landover Hills.

Time Is Now to Combat Predatory Lending

The fight for fair lending got a big boost on Aug. 31 when a federal court rejected a payday loan collector's attempt to evade consumer laws.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The True State of Black America

According to black Democrats and pundits, all is well in Negroland.