Wealth Inequality: An American Problem

As the wealthy few continue to prosper, the rest of the nation is caught in a financial tug-of-war between stagnant wages and a rising cost of living.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Vote Your Own Best Interests

Isn’t it time the nation’s African-Americans do some serious questioning of how the Democratic Party and "colorblind" policies and practices have affected them?

Mistreated Mortgage Borrowers to Receive $48M in Enforcement Action

As the nation continues its economic recovery, consumers harmed by a major mortgage servicer won an important victory.

MGM Diversity Officer Lauds Hiring Record

MGM National Harbor is meeting — and in some cases exceeding — its local and minority participation goals that Prince George's County officials set in a Community Benefits Agreement.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: The Solution for Blacks

What's wrong with Black Americans is our lack of accomplishments and understanding of collective capitalism.

Leroy Hughes Assumes Interim Executive Director Role for CBM National

Leroy Hughes Jr., CBM National's chief operating officer, has been appointed interim executive director of the organization following the departure of longtime CEO George L. Garrow.

D.C.'s Unemployment Rate Dips to 7.7 Percent: Report

Preliminary job estimates in D.C. for March show a significant increase, according to a report from the city's Department of Employment Services.

Corinthian Colleges Fined $30M

Financially-troubled Corinthian Colleges, once one of the nation's largest for-profit colleges, has a new financial hurdle: a $30 million fine.

Economic Challenges Widen in Black Communities: Report

Congressional lawmakers released a new report Tuesday from the Joint Economic Committee on the economic challenges faced by black communities around the nation.

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Are Blacks Losing Momentum?

While Blacks in both metropolitan areas basked in their prosperity and cosmopolitan shopping habits, Blacks in the core cities lost their political majorities to become "victims" of mainstream and "colorblind"-oriented politicians.

Energy Security Critical to Our Community: Don't Let Exelon Monopolize our Electricity

Sustainability is about more than recycling, or turning off lights in an empty room.

Exelon and Pepco: Supporting Sustainability in D.C.

Last year, Exelon and Pepco Holdings Inc. announced an agreement to combine companies to create the leading Mid-Atlantic electric and gas utility. Our proposed merger will bring exciting benefits to families, communities, businesses, and the economy here in the District.

Pepco and Exelon: Enhancing Sustainability in D.C.

Exelon and Pepco Holdings share a commitment to making the right choices when it comes to sustainability, environmental stewardship and efficient energy services for our customers.

How to Audit Your Home's Energy Efficiency

A home that wastes energy can put significant strain on your budget.

The Racial Wealth Gap

There is a statistical analysis that reports that the wealth inequality by race has grown since 2007.