Financial Literacy


Congress Should be Ashamed of Push to Roll Back Discriminatory Protection in Auto Finance

Last week, a U.S. House committee moved a bill that will stop the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from taking action against discriminatory practices in auto lending.

Does Debt Help or Hurt Your Financial Future?

For most Americans, debt is a complicated reality.

A Legal Checkup for Your Business

The only constant is change. Though many entrepreneurs prepare for change in our personal lives, we are often underprepared when it comes to business.

Student Loan Borrowers Need More Regulatory Protection

It is critically important that families sending their children to college as well as current and former students gain insights into their legal rights and the pitfalls that can arise when repaying student loans.

CFPB Still Under Attack Despite Returning $10B to Consumers

To date, the Bureau has benefited 17 million consumers through a total of $10.1 billion in financial relief.

Honda Buyers Get $24M Restitution for Discriminatory Loans

Car lending is on the rise, and rising with it is a hidden, unfair, abusive and discriminatory practice: car dealer interest rate markups.

Maxine Waters, Faith Leaders Hit Capitol Hill to Protest Payday Lenders

Rep. Maxine Waters announced Thursday during a Capitol Hill discussion on predatory payday and small-dollar lending practices that she will call on some of the nation's most notable endowments and state retirement plans to divest their interests in one of ...

Federal Lawmakers Push CFPB for Strong Payday Lending Rule

The Federal Trade Commission will bring $32 million in relief to consumers who were caught in a maze of charges and fees designed to trap them in payday loans they never authorized.

With Weddings Come Estate Planning

Thanks to the Supreme Court now everyone can get married! As we plan for the day with guest list, music and menus, we should plan beyond the day and the lifetime.

Supreme Court Ruling Preserves Key Fair Housing Tool

A long-awaited decision by the United States Supreme Court led to a June 25 ruling that preserves the usage of "disparate impact," an important legal principle sometimes known as the discriminatory effects standard.

CRL: Consumers of Color More Likely to Be Targeted for Abusive Lending

Each year the many forms and products of predatory lending drain at minimum hundreds of billions of dollars from the nation's economy and communities across the country.

Fair Housing and Credit Violations Bring $242M to Blacks, Latinos

Despite longstanding federal laws banning discrimination in housing and credit, three recent actions reveal how the road to fair housing remains an arduous journey — especially for Black and Latino communities.

Time for Graduation — And Your First Estate Plan

Taking the steps to support your family and young person is a responsible step that we all should, as adults, take.

'Credit Invisible' Consumers Mostly Black and Latino

When it comes to consumer finance, traditional lenders usually review credit scores before reaching a decision. In general, the higher a consumer's credit score is, the lower the cost of credit they will pay.

Financial Predators Target Active-Duty Military Members

The men and women who wear our nation's uniform are expected to defend our nation at home and abroad. Yet when it comes to financial services, service members are not always been protected in return.