Financial Literacy


FHA Lending Violations Lead to $93M Fine, Convictions

The Allied convictions also are a reminder of how the Justice Department can use its authority to take action when mortgage lending rules and laws are violated.

Gifting and Giving as an Estate Planning Tool

When planning your estate, you should prepare for potential tax implications.

Bill Seeks Justice for Defrauded Wells Fargo Victims

A series of developments following the Wells Fargo scandal has now led to the introduction of legislation designed to bring financial justice to the millions of consumers affected by fees and fraudulent accounts they never authorized nor opened.

End of the Year Means 'Planniversary' Time

Make every year a greater year because you have planned for it.

Mortgage Officials Fined, Imprisoned for Fraud

Perpetrators in a mortgage fraud scheme that targeted black consumers in the Los Angeles area have been sentenced to federal prison and fined. On Oct. 24, United States District Judge S. James Otero sentenced Paul Ryan, a former mortgage loan ...

N.Y. AG, CFPB Pair to Fight National Debt Collection Scheme

A new federal lawsuit alleges that since at least 2009, two major players in the debt collection industry have illegally operated, harassed, threatened and deceived millions of consumers across the country — often for debts that were either inflated or ...

Holiday Time, Family Time, Conversation Time

It's November and the start of the festive holiday season. This is the time that families of blood and love come together. We laugh and cook great meals. We catch up on what has happened since we were last together ...

Dream of Homeownership Eludes Black America as Mortgage Denials Persist

Why is access to homeownership still so out of reach for consumers of color? Why do so many blacks and Latinos continue to suffer disproportionate denials for mortgage loans?

Civil Leaders, Lawmakers Say Court Wrong to Weaken CFPB

After returning billions of dollars in restitution that helped more than 25 million consumers plagued with financial struggles, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was dealt a judicial low blow.

Financial Literacy Is Important for the Expected and Unexpected

Financial literacy is imperative when it comes to obtaining many things we want in life, especially those that may require financing.

10 Must-Know Facts to Help You Build and Manage Your Credit

Many consumers have questions about how credit works and the tangible habits that can help manage it responsibly.

Want to Buy a Home? 10 Ways to Save for Your Down Payment

If you dream of owning your own home but don't think you have enough money for a down payment, take another look. You could already have enough, or you might be closer than you think.

Can Healthy Habits Contribute to Financial Security?

When it comes to feelings about finances, working Americans are practically split down the middle, according to a recent study.

Claim Your Financial Power — Now

Many people get caught up with the idea of making a lot of money to achieve their financial goals. While a high income is appealing, what you do with the money you earn matters the most.

Dealing with Financial Crisis

At some point, we are all likely to face financial crisis: an unexpected expense, a layoff, illness or injury. To overcome such a crisis, you must be forward thinking and disciplined in managing your money.