Financial Literacy


CBC Members Join House Colleagues in Call for Strong Payday Rule

Within days of the Oct. 7 deadline for public comment on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed payday rule, 104 members of Congress from 32 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands together called for strong consumer protections ...

The ABC's of Trusts

As an estate planning attorney, one of the greatest confusions notice in my clients is in the understanding of the benefits of trusts.

Illegal Practices Lead to Fines, Suits Against Auto-Title Lenders

Many consumers breathe a sigh of relief when their car loans are finally paid off. Gaining title to personal vehicles should free up monthly monies — unless that title is later used as collateral for a high-cost and abusive loan.

Civil, Consumer Groups Push Feds on Debt-Collection Regs

When it comes to consumer complaints on credit and lending, debt collection generates more criticism than any other industry.

For-Profit Colleges Value Money Over Student Achievement

The bottom line is that student borrowers were getting short shrift from the institutions that promised far more.

Time Is Now to Combat Predatory Lending

The fight for fair lending got a big boost on Aug. 31 when a federal court rejected a payday loan collector's attempt to evade consumer laws.

Estate Planning Is a Labor of Love

Estate planning is so much more than creating documents. It is a strategic plan put in place to support the ones you love to make decisions when you are no longer able.

ITT Tech Student Financial Aid at Risk, Calif. Closes 15 School Locations

As another school year gets underway, the Department of Education recently announced a series of actions to better protect taxpayers and students alike from one of the nation's largest for-profit colleges.

Consumers Saving Billions Without Help of Predatory Loans

New research finds that 90 million consumers are saving $2.2 billion each year. These savings didn't come from pay raises or bonuses, or new jobs. Instead, these financial gains came when a pernicious form of predatory lending became illegal.

Leaving a Legacy to Charity

Many people decide to leave a legacy by contributing to their community through charitable giving.

U.S. Must Equalize Access to Homeownership, Wealth Opportunities

Although many American families have modest financial means, there is nothing small about their hopes. Owning a home has long been an important part of the American dream.

Consumers Want Action on Illegal Debt Collection

If you are one of the 77 million Americans who are hounded each year by debt collectors, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking on this $13 billion industry.

Financial Justice a Key Focus at 2016 NAACP Convention

In 2016, an issue echoed throughout the annual NAACP convention: financial justice.

Voters Want More — Not Less — Financial Regulation

On July 21, the first federal agency dedicated to serving the financial needs of consumers will be 5 years old.

Give Consumers Their Day in Court: Hold Financial Services Accountable

Whenever consumers open a new credit account, borrow a loan or begin contract financial services, it's a sure bet that there will be a lot of terms and requirements that appear in print so small one would need a magnifying ...