Financial Literacy


A 5-Year Plan to Rebuild Black Wealth and Expand Homeownership

While economists contend that the economic recession is over, the reality for much of Black America is starkly different.

New Mortgage Modification Program Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

On April 14, in an effort to help troubled homeowners keep their homes, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced a one-time, limited offer.

Diverse Christian Leaders Call Payday Lending Immoral, Demand Reform

A diverse coalition of Christian leaders are proclaiming that payday lending is not just a legal problem, but a moral one as well.

Spring Cleaning: Time to Review Our Estate Plans

As you enjoy the beauty that will come with this season's spring blossoms, think also of how to make time to review and renew these cornerstone documents, to assure a beautiful legacy for your loved ones for the seasons that ...

Unregulated Predatory Lending Will Cause Perpetual Poverty, Says Baptist Leader

Every once in a while a congressional committee hearing can almost seem like a time to grab your popcorn and a seat to hear the exchanges and varying opinions.

Vets, Military Families at Greater Risk for Debt Collection, Mortgage Issues

When it comes to consumer concerns, debt collection remains the top complaint most often reported to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

For-Profit Colleges Challenged on Jobs, Earnings

Although the former Corinthian Colleges, once one of the nation's largest for-profit colleges, closed its doors last year, many of the problems incurred by its former students persist.

Is Congress Representing the People or Payday Lenders?

Sometimes you just have to wonder what members of Congress are thinking about.

Civil Rights, Consumer Advocates Call for End to Discriminatory Auto Loans

While law enforcement comes after discriminatory acts have already been committed, a new advocacy effort appeals for dealers to change their practices to prevent further discrimination in auto lending.

Estate Planning 101

As an Estate Planning and Administration attorney I am committed to providing education to encourage as many folks as possible to create a movement to increase their net wealth through strategic estate planning.

Illegal Debt-Collection Crackdown Continues

Since Operation Collection Protection began, over 130 new law enforcement actions by federal state and local law enforcement resulted in prosecution against collectors that used illegal practices such as wage garnishment, harassing phone calls, and false threats of litigation or ...

Payday-Loan Backers Attack CFPB as RICO Charges Mount

On Feb. 11, another contentious round of exchanges on debt-trap lending occurred on Capitol Hill. Unlike previous forums, however, this one came with an open bias.

It's Black History Month — Let's Create Tomorrow's Story

I encourage us each to create a legacy that is impactful. We can do that with substantial treasure, time and/or talent.

Racial Discrimination Persists Decades After Fair-Credit Laws

When it comes to credit and financing, racial disparities remain despite a 42-year-old federal law guaranteeing fair treatment in lending.

Will America Ever Create an Opportunity Economy For All?

As communities of color continue to suffer from financial stress, a new research report provides insights as to how the racial wealth divide is in large part created by policy trends that favor the well-to-do at the expense of the ...