Financial Literacy


Prepaid Cards Lack Financial Protection for 93M Consumers

When it comes to financial services, many consumers are surprised by the range of fees attached to their transactions. From mortgages to checking accounts, credit cards and more, regulations for these products establish the ‘rules of the road ’for consumers ...

Credit Arbitration Favors Corporations Over Consumers

Although arbitration is often associated with labor unions, millions of consumers are also affected by it and don’t even know it. Often consumers find the extremely small print of credit agreements difficult to read. Others become bewildered by the legal ...

Consumer Complaints Lead to $1.6B in Financial Relief

Financial stress can feel like a lonely struggle. But according to a new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 460,700 consumers shared many of the same financial concerns and contacted the agency for help in just six months last ...

Celebrating Women

March is women’s history month. I want to take this moment to celebrate one of my S/heroes.

Student, Auto Loan Debts Rise While Foreclosures, Bankruptcies Drop

A new report by the New York Federal Reserve Bank seems to be saying that America's household credit and debt are about as uneven as the nation's economic recovery.

$480M Corinthian Student Loan Forgiveness Helps Some But Not All

Thousands of students who are now or formerly enrolled at one of 52 Corinthian Colleges across the country will soon feel $480 million of financial relief on their private student loans.

Young People Embrace Financial Literacy

In a society that has seen widespread economic and financial turmoil not seen in decades, financial literacy has gained added currency, officials say.

Don’t Take Away the Ladder to Success for Aspiring Minority Small Business Owners

Every day my husband and I make decisions that affect the lives of 450 people and their families.

Black History Month 2015: A Tribute to Legacies in the Black Community

It is inspiring to note the great sung and unsung heroes that have opened doors, developed resources and blazed trails that have changed the lives of so many.

Financial Freedom Still Eludes Black America

Celebrations of our milestone moments convey our unique American history. By embracing our history, we teach our youth and remind older ones of significant strides achieved when we had none of the freedoms promised by our nation. Most of these ...

Will the Supreme Court Turn Back the Clock on Fair Housing?

Fair housing advocates have raised their voices and organized protests to mount pressure that conveys just how important fair housing is to the nation's citizens and its economy.

A Presidential Plan to Give More Americans Their Own American Dream

About 800,000 homeowners whose mortgages were backed by the Federal Housing Administration could save $900 annually on mortgage costs, due to a small reduction in mortgage insurance premiums.

Payday Lending: A 21st Century Civil Rights Issue

In a very real way, payday loans are a leading civil rights issue in the 21st century. Many civil rights organizations are fighting for changes to end the debt trap created by these abusive products in our communities.

Protect Yourself from Mortgage and Foreclosure Rescue Scams

Homeowners who are finding it difficult to make their mortgage or are facing foreclosure are frequently targets of mortgage and foreclosure rescue scams.

Resolve to Determine Your Legacy

I encourage each person reading this article to make the commitment to get your house in order financially.