Financial Literacy


Illegal Debt-Collection Crackdown Continues

Since Operation Collection Protection began, over 130 new law enforcement actions by federal state and local law enforcement resulted in prosecution against collectors that used illegal practices such as wage garnishment, harassing phone calls, and false threats of litigation or ...

Payday-Loan Backers Attack CFPB as RICO Charges Mount

On Feb. 11, another contentious round of exchanges on debt-trap lending occurred on Capitol Hill. Unlike previous forums, however, this one came with an open bias.

It's Black History Month — Let's Create Tomorrow's Story

I encourage us each to create a legacy that is impactful. We can do that with substantial treasure, time and/or talent.

Racial Discrimination Persists Decades After Fair-Credit Laws

When it comes to credit and financing, racial disparities remain despite a 42-year-old federal law guaranteeing fair treatment in lending.

Will America Ever Create an Opportunity Economy For All?

As communities of color continue to suffer from financial stress, a new research report provides insights as to how the racial wealth divide is in large part created by policy trends that favor the well-to-do at the expense of the ...

Banks Make Billions Off Unfair Overdraft Practices

Fees deducted from millions of consumer checking accounts are making legal and financial news in early 2016. Banks are reaping billions of dollars on just one fee: overdraft.

Honor Dr. King by Working to Secure Financial Justice

Our challenge this King holiday is to honor his memory by taking an active role in securing financial justice.

CFPB Cracks Down on Illegal Debt Collections

As holiday revelers toasted the season, a key federal regulator took two steps to ensure that 2016 would bring an important change for consumers harassed by illegal debt collector actions.

Estate Planning as an Economic and Community Development Initiative

If we employ the steps necessary to build up our individual economic conditions, our families and our communities will prosper.

Abusive Debt Collectors Target Blacks

An old adage teaches that one man’s pain is another's gain. That adage is a truism when it comes to the debt collection industry.

Abusive Debt Collectors Target Black Consumers

An old adage teaches that one man's pain is another's gain. That adage is a truism when it comes to the debt collection industry.

Don’t Let Small-Dollar Loans Ruin Your Holidays

If holiday lists seem bigger than budgets, turning to a high-cost, small-dollar loan can turn joy and merriment into a financial quagmire. The good news is that with a timely reality check, most consumers can avoid holiday financial nightmares.

Ohioans Lose Over $500M to Payday, Title Loan Fees

Despite a landslide voter decision in 2008 to cap payday lending rates at 28 percent, the state's small-dollar, high-cost lending has continued to grow and now doubles the amount of fees charged a decade ago.

Veterans, We Thank You for Your Service

We need champions who will continue to advocate for the resources to enable the VA to complete the approval process in a timely manner across the country.

Corinthian Colleges Lose $500M Suit

After more than a year of legal tap dancing by Corinthian Colleges, half a billion dollars of financial justice has been ordered for students who attended the now-defunct private college.