Financial Literacy


Each One, Teach One (to Save)

While some social commentators insist that the routine practice of paying oneself first would eventually lead to a nest egg of ready-cash that could then be moved into different money-yielding accounts, the average American finds saving any portion of their ...

Does How You Feel about Money Affect 
Your Wealth?

Although we live in the richest and most advanced society the world has ever known, many of us say we need more money in order to be happy, notes best-selling business book author Doug Vermeeren.

Identity Theft — How to Recognize and Prevent It from Happening

Identity theft occurs when a thief obtains critical pieces of personal information they can use to impersonate someone else to secure credit or obtain merchandise and services in that person's name.

Budgeting and the Single Parent

Many parents strive to provide their children with things they themselves did not have growing up, and for a single parent with one income this could be extra challenging.

Payroll Cards: Bad for the Bottom Line?

Employers and some government officials said the practice of paying salaries, unemployment benefits, pensions and income tax refunds are easier using a payroll or debit card, but not everyone agrees.

Education the Key to Financial Literacy

There's little question that the Wall Street meltdown and housing collapse were results of an exorbitant number of people who borrowed large sums of money to purchase homes, but had no clue as to what they were getting into financially, ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Ever Thought about Banking Black?

The greatest challenge facing African-American leaders is increasing our collective wealth.

Mystery Shopper Scams Grow Bigger and More Sophisticated: Don’t Get Sucked in by Con Artists

Mystery shopping can be fun and reasonably profitable. It can also be a scam designed to separate you from your money before you realize it's even gone.

D.C.'s New Health Exchange Brings Options, But Make Sure You Shop Safely

When a major new federal law takes effect, there's often a flock of con artists not far behind trying to take advantage of the confusion.

Credit CARD Act Saves Consumers Billions, Yet More Work Remains

With 71 percent of consumers having at least one credit card, new research findings from two different sources show that the Credit CARD Act, enacted in 2009, is working. The only difference between the reports is just how much consumers ...

Black and Latino Wealth Plummets to Record Lows

As part of the 43rd annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Conference, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers unveiled new and disturbing research on how communities of color are suffering a worsening racial economic disparity.

Payday Loans Still a Debt Trap by Design

Payday loans — the small loans that come with big fees and triple-digit annual interest rates — pose serious threats to the financial well-being of borrowers where they remain available. That was the conclusion reached in new research by the ...

BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Pooling Our Resources is Key to Blacks' Wealth

A. Peter Bailey is a man of note and distinction.

African-American Consumers Remain Strong Supporters of Dodd-Frank

A recent consumer survey shows that support for financial regulation including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is strong.

Economic Mobility Linked to Strong Middle Class Communities

A new report purports that economic recovery needs a different perspective: one that views the creation of a strong middle class as the solution and not the by-product of strong economic growth.