Financial Literacy


BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Pooling Our Resources is Key to Blacks' Wealth

A. Peter Bailey is a man of note and distinction.

African-American Consumers Remain Strong Supporters of Dodd-Frank

A recent consumer survey shows that support for financial regulation including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is strong.

Economic Mobility Linked to Strong Middle Class Communities

A new report purports that economic recovery needs a different perspective: one that views the creation of a strong middle class as the solution and not the by-product of strong economic growth.

New FHA Program Seeks to Return Foreclosed Borrowers to Homeownership

In the aftermath of more than 2.5 million foreclosures, the Federal Housing Administration is now offering a homeownership program that will put previously troubled borrowers on a fast-tracked return to the home ownership market.

Credit Card Debt Drops to $850 Billion

In a recent report to Congress, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System shared the progress accomplished in lowering the nation's credit card debt.

Civil Rights Groups Call for Homeownership to Remain Available, Affordable

In the midst of varying proposals for housing reform, civil rights leaders are publicly calling for lawmakers to keep mortgage lending affordable and accessible.

My Retirement PlanSM Available to the Public on WellsFargo.com

Wells Fargo today announced that My Retirement PlanSM, an online savings tool, is now available to the general public on wellsfargo.com.

Do You Rent? You Still Need Insurance

More than a third of American families rent, and almost two-thirds of those families don’t carry renters insurance, according to a recent Rent.com survey.

Study: Student Loan Debt Reduces Lifetime Wealth

A new research report on America's still-growing student loan debt found that its financial effects can last a lifetime.


Blacks need to develop a mindset that "it's time to get paid!"

Overdraft Fees Cost More Than 36M Consumers $16.7B in 2011

In recent years, many banks and credit unions have encouraged new checking account customers to accept two items: a debit card that replaces cash transactions and a 'protection' known as overdraft coverage. However what many unsuspecting consumers soon discover is ...

Don't Let Auto Dealer Markups Take You for a Ride

Consumers are unaware of the additional interest makes it difficult to negotiate prices fairly with full information. These fees add more cost to the consumer and more profit for the dealer.

Consumer Reports Rates Prepaid Cards For Value, Convenience, Safety and Disclosure of Fees

For the first time ever, Consumer Reports has ranked the best and worst prepaid cards based on value, convenience, safety, and how well fees are disclosed to consumers.

Financial Education Key to D.C.’s Economic Future

This past April, Operation HOPE, a financial education nonprofit, SunTrust Bank and 17 other businesses and government organizations – including the FDIC and U.S. Department of Treasury – came together for the Banking on Our Future program.

America's Crisis: 38 Million Have No Retirement Assets

As more baby boomers continue to retire, a new research report has found that the nation is facing a trillion dollar retirement savings crisis.