Financial Literacy


BUSINESS EXCHANGE: Gambling Across America

Gambling and gambling-related problems are common among all racial and ethnic groups, but there's evidence that African Americans are more likely to experience gambling-related troubles than White Americans.

Study: African-Americans Confident about Financial Future

African-Americans' financial affluence — and their confidence in the economy — is growing, according to a study by a prominent insurance company.

Study: Five Percent of Consumers Benefit from Errors on Credit Reports

Five percent of consumers had errors on one of the three major credit reports.

Urban Institute: Family Wealth Six Times Greater for Whites than Blacks

According to a new research report, America's racial wealth gaps will persist until public policy reforms provide every family the opportunity to build wealth.

There's Power in the Purse

Guess what, ladies? The economic oil that keeps the wheels and workings of our world turning is largely controlled by us.

Survey: African-Americans Optimistic about their Financial Future

African-American investors report high levels of confidence in their financial future, along with optimism about the political and economic future of the country, according to a recent Wells Fargo nationwide survey. Despite proactive planning and intentional cuts in spending, African ...

New Report: Payday Lending Drains Nearly $1 Billion from Communities

One of the worst ironies of the nagging economic recession is that consumers with the...

Credit Can Hinder Landing a Job or Promotion

As More Employers Review Credit History, Unpaid Medical Bills Revealed...

Don't Leave Tax Refunds on the Table: Understand, Use EITC

The earned income-tax credit cuts your federal income tax and can get you as much...

What to Do If Your Health Insurance Is Too High

Not long ago, a man complained to the D.C. Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking...

Wells Fargo Repeats Popular Free Credit Score Promotion

SAN FRANCISCO - Wells Fargo is once again providing access to free credit scores and...

Power at your Fingertips

Did you know that tens of thousands of new products are introduced to consumer markets...

Wells Fargo, NeighborWorks America Help 1,600 Buy Homes

$170 million Effort Offers Home-buying Education, Down Payment Assistance...

Wells Fargo, NeighborWorks America Help 1,600 Successfully Buy Homes through 'LIFT' Programs

$170 million Effort Offers Home-buying Education, Down Payment Assistance...

More Complaints From Consumers Means More Predators Are Prowling The Mortgage Market

Predators Prowling the Mortgage Market...

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