Nation's Housing Recovery Far from Equal

With the annual holiday season approaching, many across the country will soon be celebrating with families and loved ones. But for families still troubled by delinquent mortgages and foreclosures, this time of year has another meaning.

Campaign Helps Minorities Recognize Housing Discrimination

The U.S. Department of Justice and HUD have found that the biggest problem in its attempt to end housing discrimination is educating the public on when and how to file a complaint.

Why Rent in DC When You Can Buy?

The DC Opens Doors program is designed to help as many people as possible get the mortgage financing and down payment assistance they need to help make homeownership affordable in Washington, D.C.

New FHA Program Seeks to Return Foreclosed Borrowers to Homeownership

In the aftermath of more than 2.5 million foreclosures, the Federal Housing Administration is now offering a homeownership program that will put previously troubled borrowers on a fast-tracked return to the home ownership market.

Civil Rights Groups Call for Homeownership to Remain Available, Affordable

In the midst of varying proposals for housing reform, civil rights leaders are publicly calling for lawmakers to keep mortgage lending affordable and accessible.

Harvard Study: Millions Still Underwater But Current on Their Mortgages

The overwhelming majority of underwater homeowners continue to make payments on their mortgages that exceed the present value of their home.

Wells Fargo Exec: Education is the Key to Homeownership

In her first media interview, Cerita Battles, senior vice president, head of Diverse Segments for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, sat down with The Washington Informer Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes last month to answer questions about the national homeownership crisis.

Housing Resources and Solutions for a New Era

As the United States closes the gap in our recovery from one of the most severe economic downturns since the Great Depression, Americans need to take a serious look at our alternatives, and advocate for strategies that will make consumers ...

Aging in Place: Converting a Family Home into Senior Friendly Living Space

Like a growing number of Baby Boomers, Diane Morgan-Brown faced the dilemma of caring for her aging parents while living more than 400 miles away from them.

Maintaining and Preserving D.C. Homes is DHCD's Bailiwick

The statement that best captures the mission of the District’s Department of Housing and Community Development is to keep people in their homes, the agency’s director said.

The 'Inside Story' of Neighborhood Revitalization

With all of this newness being created in the District, there are still many neighborhoods that have held on to their unique charm, with residents maintaining their property's value and appeal.

Do-It-Yourself Gardening & Landscape Ideas

In the midst of an economic downturn and with neighbors in close proximity, how best can today's urban chic create a gardening oasis?

Fast Facts: Home Design and Ownership Trends

New homes in 2015 will be smaller, greener and more casual.

Grand Design: Noteworthy Books on African American Home Design

This new paperback edition of Style and Grace showcases the stylish, elegant, and, above all, unique homes of distinguished African American professionals and entertainers, by the premier expert on the architectural history of Harlem.

Mediation is An Option For Homeowners Facing Foreclosure in D.C.

Are you a District of Columbia homeowner facing foreclosure? If so, the city has a foreclosure mediation program that could help you save your home.