'Star Trek' Marks 50th Anniversary

As the iconic science fiction franchise "Star Trek" celebrates its 50th anniversary, America is in many ways living in a Star Trek world.

Comcast’s Internet Essentials Helps Low-Income Families Bridge the Digital Divide

In five short years, the cable giant Comcast has achieved incredible success with its Internet Essentials program, connecting 750,000 low-income households to the power of the Web. But for Karima Zedan, the director of the program, it’s time to dream ...

WhereU: Shopping Black with Finger Taps

Business runs through Dionne Mahaffey's veins.

App Aims to Streamline Moviegoing Experience

Atom Tickets, the first-of-its-kind theatrical mobile ticketing platform and app, has arrived in D.C.

Smartphone Apps Change Lives for People With Disabilities

As people with disabilities assimilate into all aspects of everyday life, their needs and demands expand.

Social Media: A Business That's Changing Politics and Elections

The results of the recent primary elections in D.C. showed one thing that has not been evident in past elections: social media has become a necessary tool along with active community engagement, and essential to winning an election.

Apple Unveils New Operating System for iPhone, iPad

Apple unveiled Monday a handful of new features for the latest update to its mobile-device operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

CBC Pushing Diversity to Tech Firms

The Congressional Black Caucus has turned its attention to the lobbying industry as it pushes for more diversity in the tech world.

HBCUs, Tech Leaders Discuss Digital Diversity

As hundreds of educators and industry leaders from across America gathered in Washington for the 2015 National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week Conference, one of the topics of discussion was the lack of diversity in the burgeoning field of ...

CBC Makes Stop in Silicon Valley

The White House has added Oakland and San Jose to its list of "TechHire" cities invested in helping unemployed and underserved people get develop skills that lead to tech jobs.

Univision Buys Popular Black Website

Univision, which boasts the world's largest Spanish-language TV viewing audience, has purchased top Black news website The Root in an attempt to expand amid shifting demographics.

Blacks Lag in Accessing High-Speed Internet

As education, jobs, and the national and global economy go digital, people without broadband (high-speed Internet) access risk being left behind.

D.C. Film Office Announces Web, Digital Fest

The second annual DC Web Fest, hosted by the D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development and 20/20 Productions, will be held in the nation's capital on Sept. 19-20.

Narrowing Digital Divide by Training Parents and Students on the Internet

While many across America correspond through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or directly online using Internet-powered platforms, 17-year-old Taequann Davidson is spreading the word about the strength of the Internet the old fashioned way — by word of mouth.

Billions in Taxpayer Money Lost to Overbilling

As federal, state and local governments struggle to tighten their purse strings, taxpayers and watchdog groups are up in arms over ongoing and seemingly increasing reports that contractors from coast-to-coast are bilking government agencies out of billions of dollars by ...