Toyota Plugs-In the Prius, Erasing Range Anxiety

Re-charging cars will strike many as odd. But we had better get used to the idea because plugging in cars is the wave of the future.

Chrysler 200: A Little Dated but Still a Bargain

Though the 200 is a bit dated now and is not as polished as the rival Mazda6 or the Ford Fusion models that we drove in the last few months, it still delivers better-than-average handling, and performs nicely when equipped ...

Kia Optima's Evocative Styling Draws in New Buyers

With all of the new cars rolling out of American showrooms this summer, the midsize sedan stands out as the overall value leader.

Lexus LS Flagship Offers Every Conceivable Amenity

I have spent the last six days driving the 2013 Lexus LS 460. And after roughly 650 miles of errand-running, commuting and highway cruising, I can safely say this: It’s a blast to live somebody else’s privilege.

Revamped Taurus Tops Segment in Gas Mileage

When Ford Motor Company retired the Crown Victoria in 2011, many wondered whether the car buying public would warm up to the Taurus – which by default had become the largest sedan in Ford’s lineup.

Revamped Taurus Tops Segment in Gas Mileage

After spending close to a month in two different trim levels of the Taurus, we are pleased to report that the Taurus is light years ahead of the Crown Victoria.

VW Jetta Hybrid's a Blow-out Success

Volkswagen has made a bold declaration. Executives at the Germany-based carmaker have announced that they plan to steer VW into the world's No. 1 carmaker position by 2018.

Hyundai Sonata Leapfrogs Competition

The automotive press, oblivious to real facts on the ground, has been heralding for several years the imminent ascendancy of the crossover as the de facto family hauler. But despite the cheering squad chatter, the buying public has continued to ...

Functional, Stylish Subaru Tops Safety Ratings

Japanese carmaker Subaru is best known for its sturdy and versatile station wagons. But one of its best vehicles, the Legacy, is offered only as a sedan.

Hybrid Lexus Dishes Design, Great Mileage

In the Lexus automobile lineup, the ES series does not stand out in any particular category

Infiniti Shakes Up the Status Quo

While old-school truck-based SUVs are still the default choice for towing and rugged off-road adventure, the car-based crossover is winning American buyers with its carlike comfort and fuel economy.

Handsomely Styled Mazda6 Hits High Marks in Family Sedan Segment

The mid-sized cars segment is a wide-open market with several automakers turning their mid-size sedans into key players. The rising challengers include Ford's Fusion, KIA Motors Corp.'s Optima and Volkswagen AG's Passat. Mazda hopes to play here too by wooing ...

Little Retro Styled Hatchback Crowns Fiat's U.S. Comeback

Fiat is using its Chrysler foothold in the United States to sell one of its own cars – the Fiat 500.

Post Ford Jaguar Claws Back

Iconic British carmaker Jaguar wants the world to know that it's making money and growing.

Affordable Mazda Miata Tuned to Produce Driver Happiness

The MX-5 Miata – or Miata, as it's more often called in the U.S. – is as uncomplicated and pure as a sports car can get.