Charter Schools Lead The Way With S.T.E.A.M. Academics

As the cutting-edge of education shifts from STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — to STEAM, adding the arts as core disciplines, we are reminded that schools change with the world.

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead: Cultivating Minds During Out-of-School Time

Growing minds don't stop growing when the final school bell rings each day.

Always Looking Up: Pathways to STEM/STEAM For Underserved Communities

The preschool to prison pipeline is real, and how kids engage with education matters, and we know from over 100 years of research that shows the average student scores lower on standardize tests at the end of summer vacation.

Educational Trends Change — Just Like Life

Educational trends will continue to change because the world continues to change.

Gaining STEAM in Education

Both private and public sectors report that 21st-century workers require skills that many of today's graduates don’t have.

College Planning Begins Early

As parents grapple with the preparation involved in sending their children off to college for the first time, they also have to consider the financial commitment that comes along with this educational milestone.

Prince George's County Schools Post Bus Routes Online

Prince George's County parents who may have not received a physical copy of their child's bus schedule can view them online.

Good Soil: The Overlooked Aspect of School Reform

Students who are fortunate enough to live in a home and community environment that consistently supports their educational learning have a heightened potential for academic success because they are rooted in good soil.

Prince George's County Education Briefs: Back to School

Mark your calendars. The first day back to school for all students is Tuesday, Aug. 25.

BANKS: Parents, You Have Options

For parents who want quality in education for their children at a reduced cost, there are options.

D.C. EDUCATION BRIEFS: Two New Academies Announced

Mayor Muriel Bowser joined Chancellor Kaya Henderson and Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier this past spring to announce the opening of two new career academies — one of which will be ready for students when they return to school ...

D.C. Board of Education Launches Task Force to Ease High School Credit Restrictions

The D.C. State Board of Education announced Thursday it has created a task force to help make the high school credit system less rigid for students.

Morgan State U. Program Gives STEM Opportunities to Minority Students

Morgan State University's Minority Male Makers Program will introduce young black men to opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

Michelle Obama Hosts Educational Summit

E! News co-anchor Terrence Jenkins moderated a panel featuring first lady Michelle Obama, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, rapper Wale and Brown University rising senior Manuel Contreras on July 23, in the East Room of the White House as ...

Howard University Makes List of 10 Best HBCUs

Howard University ranks among the nation's 10 best historically black colleges and universities, according to a new report from an independent online publication.