The Gap: Ingenuity Needed to Help Struggling Students Succeed

In the field of education, particularly as it relates to best practices that impact the growth of children, one of the most-discussed and often controversial topics has long been "methods to reduce the achievement gap."

Young Adult Learning Center

The Maya Angelou Young Adult Learning Center provides academic and workforce development to older youth/young adults, ages 17-24, who do not have a high school credential, and particularly those transitioning from incarceration.

Closing the Achievement Gap in D.C. Schools

As D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson prepares to exit in October, there remain obvious achievement gaps between white and African-American and wealthy and poor students.

A New Direction for School Reform in the District of Columbia

The school chancellor's approach to extended learning is well-intended but shortsighted. Just doing more of the same is not going to work.

Simple Ideas to Inspire Your Tween Reader

Reading is a gateway to other places, time periods, or even worlds. It's also the springboard to success in school and beyond.

WTU: New Chancellor to Shape How Schools Are Run, Children Are Educated

In the upcoming weeks and months, teachers, parents, students and other education stakeholders here in D.C. will have an opportunity to participate in a process that will result in the selection of a new Chancellor for the District of Columbia ...

Families Tapping More Scholarships, Grants to Pay for College

Families spent less out-of-pocket for college in academic year 2015-16 compared to last year, as they took advantage of more scholarships and grants to foot the bill, according to "How America Pays for College 2016," the national study from Sallie ...

Beyond Sports: Off-The-Field After-School Activities to Challenge Your Child

From soccer to lacrosse, sports are what most parents initially think about when considering extracurricular activities for their children. However, today's schools and communities understand there's a need for diverse after-school options that challenge kids in a variety of ways.

Helping Black, Latino Students in STEM Era

Eleven D.C. schools are participating in an extended-year calendar program that allows students more reading and mathematics studies during summer months.

Backpack Season: 7 Tips Toward a Comfortable Pack

Racks of colorful backpacks are hitting the shelves at retailers nationwide, reminding us it's time for students of all ages to start picking out their school supply packs for the coming year.

Back-to-School Health: Finding Your Child a Medical Home

This August, families are preparing for a new school year. For many parents, that means going to the doctor to get our kids their required checkups. A yearly well-child visit is a great first step in keeping our children healthy, ...

UDC Targets Region's Top Students with Financial Aid Initiative

The University of the District of Columbia has established a new $1.24 million financial aid initiative to attract top high school students in the D.C. region.

First Day of School Comes Early for Some D.C. Students

A pep-rally atmosphere greeted students and parents Monday at Turner Elementary School in southeast D.C. to begin the first day of school — a day that came a full two weeks earlier than for most of the city.

D.C. EDUCATION BRIEFS: Students Build Game App

About 500 students are participating this summer in a high-tech, high-wage internship program with Microsoft, in which some of them have been designing a mobile game app that Microsoft will soon start selling.

Pepco Intern Program Helps Prep Future Engineers

Pepco has taken in 24 undergraduate and graduate students in the D.C. area this summer to work full-time with the utility company's engineering teams as part of its annual intern program.