Don't you know you're God's masterpiece? You were created to do His Will.

Is God Dead? Certainly Not, Says Fred Hammond

When gospel legend Fred Hammond and a few of his friends swoop down on the District of Columbia next month, they promise an evening where those who believe in God as well as people simply seeking encouragement will get more ...

THE RELIGION CORNER: Everything Was Once a Thought

Every building, every home, your computer, TV, cellphone, lights, cars, boats, everything around you began with an idea!

THE RELIGION CORNER: Trials and Tribulations, Pt. II — God Limits Our Trials

In the scriptures, according to the book of Job, we learn that despite the fact God allowed Satan to afflict Job, limits were set.

D.C. Pastors Voice Concerns of Voter Apathy

The 2016 presidential election is a month away and a coalition of D.C. pastors say that too much is at stake for African-Americans to stay home and not vote just because they may not like the choice of candidates.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Clouds Couldn't Dampen Spirit of New Museum

Saturday was a very historic day for America!

Pastors Respond to NNPA's 'State of Emergency' Declaration

The Rev. Henry P. Davis, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Highland Park, has been focused on ministering to his flock and building a new multimillion-dollar sanctuary that will open next month. But after watching recent news reports about ...

THE RELIGION CORNER: Trials and Tribulations — When You Are Being Tested

Why must we face trials and tribulations and why should we be told to count them a joy? Is there a right way and a wrong way to approach trials?

THE RELIGION CORNER: Careful, Your Thoughts May Come To Life!

When we look back over our lives, if we look very carefully, we will find out just how words come to life!

Teen Who Wowed Pope to Sing at Richmond Convention

The 15-year-old Philadelphia boy whose angelic voice stunned the world during a September 2015 performance for Pope Francis will perform this month at a service for the African American Ministers Leadership Council's annual convention in downtown Richmond.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Welcome Home, Walter Fauntroy!

Please join the Fauntroy Support Group as they sponsor an exciting District-wide "Benefit" tribute to Rev. Walter Fauntroy and his wife Dorothy on Saturday, Sept. 10 at 5 p.m.

Rev. Barber Leads Moral Revolution Tour to D.C.

The civil rights leader and organizer of the Moral Mondays protests in North Carolina took to the pulpit in two churches in D.C. last Sunday to promote the Revival for a Moral Revolution of Values.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Remembering George E. Curry

I will be eternally grateful for the kindness George Curry showed me.


This faith story is courtesy of Olympic champion Gabrielle Douglas, who won two gold medals during the 2012 Summer Olympics and a silver and gold this year in Rio.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Fitness is First Step on Path to Wellness

This is an article to jog your memory us of just how imperative it is for each of us to take care of our bodies, beginning with our diets.