Will D.C. Schools Honor Muslim Holidays?

With numerous school districts across the country already implementing Muslim holidays into their schedules, some in the D.C. region are considering adding days of observance for several Muslim holy days.

THE RELIGION CORNER: When Storms Begin to Rise, Stretch Out!

When you hear devastating news about your health or a loved one, that is the time to "stretch out" and fast and pray and call on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Emanuel AME Welcomes New Pastor After Ouster of 1st Female Pastor

Days after the one-year anniversary of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church massacre, the historic Charleston, South Carolina church heard the first sermon from its new pastor Sunday after the transfer of its first female pastor.

I Believe I Can Fly

We must give out positive energy everywhere we go; you be that positive force from God, share His spirit with others throughout the world.

Study to Explore Role of Spirituality in Treating Chronically Ill Blacks

A University of Alabama at Birmingham postdoctoral scholar — armed with a two-year, $187,000 award from the National Institutes of Health — will explore how spirituality factors into treatment of chronically ill African-Americans.

Hillary Clinton, Woman of Faith, Makes History

Hillary Clinton, women across America salute you!

Has Fate Decided Your Course of Destiny?

Please don't go along just to get along. Know what's right for yourself.

Pastors Hit the Streets to Curb Ward 7 Violence

A group of local pastors and residents recently hit the streets near the Minnesota Avenue Metro station in southeast D.C., talking to teens and residents about the growing violence in Wards 7 and 8.

Celebrating Ramadan in the D.C.

Several local groups are holding events and activities to celebrate Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year, when believers worldwide fast from sunrise to sunset.

Pray First and Meditate the Vote

With the June 14 primary election for the District of Columbia almost upon us, let us consider the seriousness of every vote.

A Battle to Halt the Diabetes Epidemic (Conclusion)

It may not be our fault, when it is in our genes, which shows even more why early detection is important.

Church Attendance Could Lengthen Lifespan: Study

While many Americans regularly attend church because it keeps them grounded and provides spiritual guidance, a new study suggests that it may also help increase their lifespan.

A Battle to Halt the Diabetes Epidemic, Pt. 5

Here is a list of complications that can occur as a result of Type 2 Diabetes: hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, amputations, strokes, eye problems and kidney disease.

Muslim Feminists Fight Islamophobia, Defy Stereotypes

A new generation of Muslim feminists is emerging in America, dedicated to reshaping how the Western world views their culture.

A Battle to Halt the Diabetes Epidemic, Pt. 4

All of the diseases we're plagued with today like Type 2 diabetes came along as a result of our non-exercising lifestyles and many millions who work in office jobs, sitting all day.