The Black Church and the Strength to Forgive

Though suffering and deep in pain from the loss of loved ones at the hands of Dylann Roof at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, they reflected the finest reflection of Christian values.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Racism in America

This week, it was as though we were reliving Sept. 15, 1963, all over again.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Thank You Lord, For Another Year!

It has not been easy to pay for our show weekly but God has been good.

THE RELIGION CORNER: MSG Foods — What You Really Need To Know (Pt. 1)

What is monosodium glutamate? It is a sodium salt food additive used to provide flavor to Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Open the Floodgates of Heaven!

When it appears everything has dried up, faith is needed and we must learn to lean not to our own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all our ways.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Balancing Your Life — Mentally, Physically and Spiritually

Though your temple may not be in great condition, it is still your temple.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Happy Mother's Day — But What About the Children?

When children grow up with love, nothing can stop them from sharing love with someone else in their life, that's all they will know.

THE RELIGION CORNER: The Storm is Passing Over

The economy in America is much better today than it was 7 or 8 years ago.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Today's Decisions Are Tomorrow's Realities

How many of us go through things and never learn anything? Whether these things you do are good or bad, it's your choice; but please remember: Today’s decisions are your realities for your tomorrow!


How many of us quit trying to reach our goal because we get tired? Time is most likely the worst enemy of enthusiasm.

Anti-Gay Protest Backfires at Howard University

Westboro Baptist Church, the infamous unaffiliated church known for its hateful, unorthodox protests, especially against homosexuality, brought its hate speech to Howard University — and the university's students and staff fought back.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Don't Die Feeling You've Never Lived

We don't use our brains, subconscious mind or instincts — nor shall you yield to the Holy Spirit!

Hip-Hop's Obsession With God

Today the obsession with God and other spiritual powers dominates the rap culture.

Obamas Celebrate Holidays, Attend Easter Service at Va. Church

President Obama and the first family attended Easter services Sunday morning in Northern Virginia at the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, part of the family's celebration of the weekend's holidays.