THE RELIGION CORNER: After Good Works, We Reap What We've Sown

This week, the Lord has given me a testimony for this column.

THE RELIGION CORNER: To Find, You Must Diligently Seek

Finding is a principle reserved only for those who have worked and thus have planted, and you're now ready to reap from what you've sown.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Top Black History Group Marks 100 Years

Though Carter G. Woodson founded The Association for the Study of African American Life and History 100 years ago as the Study of Negro Life and History, on Saturday, the group — led by Sylvia Cyrus, the longest-serving executive director ...

THE RELIGION CORNER: Black Civil War Memorial Needs Your Help

I'm asking for your support for The African-American Civil War Memorial, now a national monument maintained by The National Park Service, yet no permanent park rangers have been assigned.

Retired D.C. Educator's Book Emphasizes Miracles of Christ

Retired D.C. Public Schools educator Christine Davis Easterling said her new book, "Divine, Miraculous, Magnificent," emphasizes the importance of Christ's miracles in both his lifetime and people of the modern world.

THE RELIGION CORNER: A Black History Month Salute to Lady Tramaine Hawkins

We celebrate Black History Month with this salute to the legendary Lady Tramaine Hawkins, someone who was a part of the ministry that gave yet another change to gospel music.

Virginia Pastor Honored with NAACP Award

The Rev. Howard-John Wesley says kindness and philanthropy should be done just to put a smile on people's faces.


Such a powerful organ, our brain, is more than we can imagine. However, when we bring together other like minds, the strength of the group becomes overwhelmingly powerful.

THE RELIGION CORNER: It Pays to Be Persistent

Many people see small problems, molehills, as a major mountain blocking their path. Only a few choose to see a mountain in their path as an opportunity to gain a broader perspective as they continue to travel along life's journey.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Careful Decisions Build Success

Isn't it a lot faster to make a decision about what it is you do want rather than talk about what you don't want?

THE RELIGION CORNER: When We Fail to Plan, We Plan to Fail

Every man needs a plan to get to his goal.

THE RELIGION CORNER: The Thoughts and Intents of the Heart

The power of imagination is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Life, Death in the Power of the Tongue

Positive thoughts influence your subconscious mind, so speak in the present tense, and though you don't have what you want yet, the affirmations reprogram your thinking.

American Muslim Leaders Go on the Offensive

On Monday, a coalition of national and local Muslim organizations held a news conference at the National Press Club in northwest D.C.

THE RELIGION CORNER: 'For We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight'

I'm pleased to share Napoleon Hill's second principle; the topic is faith.