A Battle to Halt the Diabetes Epidemic

I noticed a fire burning in the diabetes health arena, in the African-American community in particular, and it is still burning out of control. Hopefully, this campaign will stop "fanning the flames" and put out the fire.

Hollywood's Black Christians On the Rise

Black Christian entertainment has been broadening its appeal for years.

Stinking Thinking Won't Get You Ahead

In this week's column, let's take a look at how we think: our philosophy, if you will.

Gospel Choir Center Stage at Cherry Blossom Parade

The Washington Performing Arts Men and Women of the Gospel Choir will perform on the main stage during the televised portion of the Cherry Blossom parade.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Remembering My Dear Grandma

As I go through my days, I think about my grandma's experiences. Whenever my ego overshadows my actual job, quietly, I align myself with my grandma's stories.

THE RELIGION CORNER: A Mindset for Action

This week, the Lord has given me a message to share with you: A Mindset for Action!

THE RELIGION CORNER: The Law of Impermanence

This week, the Lord gave me this message: Remember the law of impermanence. We are ever-changing. Nothing stays the same.

Fred Hammond Electrifies Miami Crowd

Fred Hammond ministered to a receptive audience during the 11th annual Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival, held last weekend in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Area Churches Going Green to Save Money

Energy efficiency serves two purposes, church officials say: It saves money that can aid members, and improves aging facilities.

Kirk Franklin's '20 Years' Tour Comes to D.C.

Ten-time Grammy winner Kirk Franklin will perform two decades worth of gospel hits Saturday night as his "20 Years in One Night" tour rolls into the Warner Theatre in northwest D.C.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Destiny's Door — Turning Milestones into Steppingstones

The day I took that walk through Destiny's Door, trusting in God, was the first day steps were taken toward turning my dreams into reality.

D.C. Muslims Shine Light on Islamophobia

A group of D.C.-area Muslims held a panel to address growing Islamophobia in a hostile political climate, specifically in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

NAACP Image Award Ministers

The Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III was the main speaker at a church in the Greater Washington Area on March 1.

THE RELIGION CORNER: After Good Works, We Reap What We've Sown

This week, the Lord has given me a testimony for this column.

THE RELIGION CORNER: To Find, You Must Diligently Seek

Finding is a principle reserved only for those who have worked and thus have planted, and you're now ready to reap from what you've sown.