THE RELIGION CORNER: The Difficulties of Life Should Make Us Better!

For the sake of this column, my message today is simply, look for the good in every bad situation.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Celebrating Phillis Wheatley for Black History Month

For Black History Month, I decided to share the life and times of Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American author and poet in America.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Black History Month Salute — Keeping the Dream Alive

This week, for Black History Month, it is my pleasure to introduce a “Son of Ward 8”: Curtis L. Etherly Jr., director of Government Affairs and International Stakeholder Relations, The Coca-Cola Company.

Season of Lent Begins for Christians

If you happened to see people walking around Wednesday with ashes on their foreheads, do not be alarmed.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Black History Month — A True Supreme Court Story

For Black History Month, I'm delighted to share the story of my grandfather, Floyd Hill.

Black History Lives in Georgetown Churches

When Vernon Ricks, 76, looks out at the new Georgetown, he doesn’t necessarily see the high-end stores, scores of tony shops, the expensive restaurants and bars and homes selling for $1 million and more.

SE Church to Hold Annual Black History Concert

The East Washington Heights Baptist Church Gospel Choir will hold its 28th annual Black History Month concert on Feb. 15, themed "Achieving Unity Despite Our Struggles."

THE RELIGION CORNER: 'Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled'

Let not your heart be troubled because your body is indeed your temple.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Are You An Eagle Acting Like A Chicken?

We must ascertain who we really are, and we must have faith to become who and what the Lord sent us to earth to develop into.


The dream dies only when we quit.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Pain of Failure is Temporary

When you make plans to obtain the goals and objectives God has given you, obstacles are guaranteed to come your way, but just know that quitting is not an option when you expect to win.

T.D. Jakes Draws Thousands to Jericho in Landover

Bishop T.D. Jakes, the world-renowned orator, entrepreneur and pastor, was the featured speaker of New Year's Revival 2015, the three-day praise celebration sponsored each January by Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church of Northeast Washington and First Baptist Church of Glenarden ...

Andraé Crouch Memorial Services Announced

Two days of memorial services and celebrations will be held in Los Angeles next week for late gospel music icon Andraé Crouch’, representatives announced.

Gospel Superstar Karen Clark Sheard Headlines D.C.-Area Revival

Gospel superstar Karen Clark Sheard performed to rousing cheers and applause Thursday on the second night of the three-day New Year's Revival 2015, an annual joint celebration between FBCG and Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in D.C.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Find Meaning in Everything

Look at life as your textbook and begin to learn from everything that happens.