Bobby Jones' Latest Debuts at No. 5 on Billboard

Gospel trailblazer Bobby Jones' new album debuted at #5 on Billboard's gospel chart, the highest first-week performance of his career.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Twelve Things That Make Men Rich (Part 3)

In my humble opinion, without health, you cannot create anything. Health is the ultimate gift because with it, everything else is possible.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Twelve Things That Make Men Rich (Part 2)

You cannot achieve anything if you don't have faith and believe. When you walk around thinking negative thoughts, it causes you to have doubts; you feel down, not lifted up and ready to get the job done at all.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Twelve Things That Make Men Rich (Part 1)

My life changed 30 years ago because of a new book that I read.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Strength Grows from Struggles

In life's storms, we run for cover. This is a time to seek His face in surrendered devotion and prayer by shutting yourself off from others.

NMA to Partner with Black Churches for Health Insurance Outreach Initiative

The National Medical Association, the nation's largest organization of African-American physicians representing more than 37,000 doctors, announced Monday it is partnering with Enroll America and African-American religious denominations to help educate minority communities about the Affordable Care Act and increase ...

Dalai Lama Shares Message of Compassion, Unity

The Dalai Lama told a packed National Cathedral on Friday that compassion is the true path to divinity — a path he said isn't always easy for human beings to take.

THE RELIGION CORNER: The Shift — The Day Everything Changes!

One of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, made this quote famous: "Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

THE RELIGION CORNER: Fear is Faith in Reverse

We are charged to not be afraid. Fear is faith in reverse. Fear opens the door to our enemy.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Applied Faith vs. Dreaming

Just think, all of us have dreams we wish we were able to obtain, however, most of us don't believe we can.

THE RELIGION CORNER: My Interview with 'Mayor for Life' Marion Barry

In his first live public interview since being released from the hospital last week, “Mayor for Life” Ward 8 Council member Marion Barry dispelled rumors that his health is failing so fast that he might not recover during my Radio ...

THE RELIGION CORNER: Water Seeks Its Own Level

With Valentine's Day only a few days away, I thought I would delve into this subject of relationships a bit.

THE RELIGION CORNER: This is Your Season!

Stop wasting precious time watching TV, or sitting on the couch as if these hours and minutes are spare. We can't get one minute of time back.


If God can become silent on His own Son during the time He hung on the cross; , just think of the time when He is silent in our lives as a time when He is doing His perfect work.


The national holiday to honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is approaching, a time when the country, and perhaps the world reflects on what it would be like if we would live in peace around the world, ...