THE RELIGION CORNER: And Justice for All!

Black women aren't seen as victims because the courts are not empathetic to the fear black women have for their lives. They're seen as expendable, replaceable, easily forgotten.

THE RELIGION CORNER: The Law of Impermanence

I have my philosophy: One should understand the law of impermanence — that all things are unstable and have no essence that's unchanging.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Why Residual Effects of Domestic Violence Cause Some to Snap

Some of us get out of domestic violence successfully, while others, like a former co-worker of mine, simply snap.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Stop the Violence

This week, I once again return to a subject that very few people like to discuss: domestic violence.

D.C. Church to Hold Annual Fair, Thanksgiving Dinner

The First Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Northwest D.C. is inviting the community to its 10th annual community fair and pre-Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, Nov. 15.

THE RELIGION CORNER: 'Nocturnal Agony'

What a hookup! There will be a trailer preview at the All Nations Baptist Church's annual Women's Day High Tea, Brunch and Awards Program on Oct. 18 at Trinity University. Film producer Shuaib Mitchell plans to bring along some of ...

THE RELIGION CORNER: Domestic Violence Finally a Front-Page Story!

Though Ray Rice is guilty of disrespecting his fiancée, this time, it wasn't a "big secret" — instead, it turned out to be the "big story."

THE RELIGION CORNER: Reliability, Responsibility and Resourcefulness

To be reliable has always been crucial in the development of new plans for growth. The worst thing in the world is to try to work with someone who you cannot count on. It's impossible.

Largo Community Church: A Place of 'Friendship and Joy'

It's 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning, and the staff and volunteers of Largo Community Church in Mitchellville, Maryland, are preparing to welcome their members and guests for morning services.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Key to Destiny’s Door (Part 1)

In my professional speaking career, one of my favorite messages is "The Six Keys to Success." The six keys are reflected in various chapters of my self-published book, "Destiny's Door: Turning Milestones into Stepping Stones." To simplify them for you, ...

THE RELIGION CORNER: Climb Every Mountain

Mountains are climbed one step at a time.


We must work diligently to bring the educational level of our children in the African-American communities up to a more acceptable level.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Nine Principles for Dynamic Living (Part 9)

Integrity is defined as doing the right thing in a reliable way, a moral compass that doesn't waver, even when nobody is watching.

Jasmin 'Jazz' Sculark to Lead Jericho City of Praise

Jericho City of Praise will in September officially install Dr. Jasmin "Jazz" Sculark as the new pastor to lead the ministry of one of the largest churches in the country.

THE RELIGION CORNER: Nine Principles for Dynamic Living (Part 8)

Execution is critical for accomplishment. If you don't execute the plans you have in place, it won't matter how inspired or meticulously you look for ways to make your plan work.