Gray Launches Effort to House Families in D.C. General Shelter

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray joined the Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness, The Transitional Housing Corporation and the Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development on Thursday for the official launch of the "500 Families. 100 Days. Quality ...

Emancipation Day Workshops Highlight Slavery, D.C. Statehood

As the District marked the anniversary of its Emancipation Day, a set of educational workshops Wednesday at the Wilson Building in Northwest both celebrated the city's historic day of freedom and focused on its ongoing struggle to attain statehood.

Report Finds Va. Prisons Expensive, Racially Biased

Virginia's corrections system keeps prisoners locked up for years without parole, particularly for drug offenses, costs the Commonwealth's taxpayers $1 billion, and disproportionately affects incarcerated seniors and African-American men, states a report from the Justice Policy Institute.

DC Vote's Perry Rails Against City Officials' Budget Autonomy Actions

Kimberly Perry, the executive director of DC Vote, expressed her displeasure Friday with top city officials for trying to undermine budget autonomy in the District.

Dick Gregory Preaches Black Unity at Prayer Breakfast in D.C.

Famed comedian and social activist Dick Gregory spoke at the Emancipation Day Prayer Breakfast in D.C. on Wednesday, leaving attendees rolling on the floor with his witty comments on the condition of African-Americans in D.C. and the rest of the ...

Michael Eric Dyson, D.C. Council Push for Statehood at Emancipation Day Brunch

Renowned author and academic Michael Eric Dyson told an audience Sunday at the Emancipation Day Brunch in D.C. that the day that slaves were freed in the District should not be forgotten, nor should the city's ongoing battle for statehood.

Bowser Tenuously Embraced by TENAC

D.C.'s Democratic mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser now has the backing of the city's largest tenant association, but it wants her to focus on the housing concerns of low and middle-income residents.

D.C. Council Presses Child and Family Services Director Over Missing Girl

The D.C. Council grilled the director of the city's Child and Family Services Agency on Monday about the case of Relisha Rudd, the 8-year-old girl who disappeared in early March.

Parade, Concerts and Fireworks Highlight Emancipation Day

For D.C. Council member Vincent Orange, there’s not one day on the calendar this year that’s more important than April 16.

Cherry Blossom Queen Recalls Her Coronation

It may have been a stunning turn of events for most at the National Cherry Blossom Festival, but in 1970 when a 20-year-old District resident became the first black princess, many around the country took note.

D.C. Kicks Off Emancipation Day Celebration

D.C. is set to kick off its annual Emancipation Day celebration on Friday, beginning with a "Song and Praises" event at Tenth Street Baptist Church in Northwest at 7 p.m.

Local Organization Honored for Work on Center

USA Today Weekend reported that Playworks, a nonprofit organization in Southeast, has been selected as a recipient of its annual "Make A Difference Day" campaign.

D.C. Mayor Gray Orders Thorough Review in Relisha Rudd Case

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray reiterated his deep concern Wednesday about the disappearance of Relisha Rudd, an 8-year-old girl who has now been missing for weeks.

Budget Sparks Debate at Alexandria Town Meeting

Alexandria, Va. City Manager Rashad M. Young presented the city's proposed fiscal year 2015 budget at a town meeting on April 3 at the Charles E. Beatley Central Library.

Local Spelling Bee Champ Heads to Nationals

A middle school student has her sights set on a national competition after snatching victory away from the District's best and brightest spellers last month.