Hundreds Commit to African Unity at Convention

After the events of this past weekend, a future in which descendants of enslaved Africans can join their brothers and sisters across the Atlantic Ocean in developing the Motherland seems more like a reality than a pipe dream.

D.C. Officials Favor Accepting Syrian Refugees

Despite the House easily passing a bill that would suspend the program allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees into America until key security agencies certify that they don't pose a security risk, D.C.-area lawmakers and officials said they'd still welcome those ...

Africare Nabs Top D.C. Health Official as President

A top-ranking D.C. health official will now head Africare, the nation's oldest and largest African-American-founded organization that works to improve the quality of life of the people in Africa, officials for the D.C.-based organization announced this week.

African Media Speaker: Journalism is 'Good Barometer of Society'

The 7th annual African Media Leaders Forum, which brought together media industry professionals to discuss how digital technology and other relevant strategies are transforming Africa's media landscape, ended Friday in Johannesburg, having included a two-day training workshop on "Resilience Reporting," ...

Ghanaian Embassy Hosts Launch of Music Week

The Embassy of Ghana in D.C. hosted Friday the North American press launch of the 2016 Ghana Music Week Festival.

Tragic Plight of African Albinos

Albino children in Africa are mutilated and murdered for their body parts — parts sold to those who practice a strange religious tradition, a tradition based on the erroneous and horrific belief that albino body parts hold strong, magical powers.

Taste Features Caribbean's Best

As the limbo bar grew closer and closer to the ground, the fit and daring attendees at the fifth annual Taste of Barbados last weekend, angled their bodies down in different configurations to slide under the bar without losing their ...

Rescued Chibok Girls Use GoFundMe.com

This month, teenagers across the nation prepare to make the transition from high school to college and at least two of the survivors of the Boko Haram mass kidnapping in Chibok, Nigeria last year could be joining them — if ...

Reparations Battle Picks Up Steam

It is usually a struggle to get key players on various issues to pay attention to causes such as efforts by the Caribbean trade bloc to win reparations from European nations for the part they played in enslaving millions of ...

Robert Mugabe: Africa Must Set Up Own ICC to Try Europeans

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is advocating for his fellow African heads of state to take a stern self-determining stance against European imperialists, who have been exploiting the motherland for its labor from her indigenous inhabitants and for her natural resources ...

Obama Wants End to South Sudan War by August, Threatens Sanctions

President Obama, in a meeting with regional African leaders, threatened new sanctions for the warring factions in South Sudan if a peace deal is not reached by Aug. 17.

Congresswoman Wilson Revisits Atrocities Abroad

Rep. Frederica Wilson held a press conference Tuesday on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol to spotlight the issue of the schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria last year by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Cuban Embassy Opens in Washington

The culmination of secret negotiations brokered by Pope Francis and Canada, a realization by a U.S. president that the status quo was unsustainable and the willingness of two mortal enemies to work through distrust led to change between Cuba and ...

Obama Defends Nuclear Deal With Iran

President Obama on Wednesday defended the landmark deal struck with Iran to curb the Middle Eastern nation's nuclear program, calling the deal "our best means of ensuring Iran does not get a nuclear weapon."

Nigeria Assumes Lead in Continent's Health

Some of you may know the African continent very well, and even so some of the facts that I will present may still come as a surprise.