Nelson Mandela, Freedom Fighter: Not Just a Nice Guy

Most emphasize Nelson Mandela's role as a kind and generous conciliator, comparing him to Gandhi, King and other larger-than-life figures of our times. But pacifist he was not.

Nelson Mandela, Former South African President, Dies

In Washington, D.C., and far-flung corners of the world, admirers of human rights icon Nelson R. Mandela are recalling the life of South Africa’s first black president, who was also a freedom fighter branded a terrorist, a Nobel Laureate, political ...

The Return of London's Black Male Fashion Setters

Whether among the millions taking part in the Great Migration of interwar U.S., or those immigrating to England from Africa and the Caribbean post-World War II, black social mobility often hinged upon the power to present themselves as fashionably respectable.

AFRICA BRIEFS: Anti-Corruption Group Taps Angolan Blogger for Prize

Bloggers from China and Angola will share the "Integrity Prize" for taking on the corrupt elites in their respective countries despite great personal risk.

Power Shift: British Black Panther Party Remembered

The impact of the American Civil Rights Movement on people of color around the globe cannot be overstated.

Grenada: 30 Years Later

Don Rojas didn't know that when he accepted Maurice Bishop's offer to become his press secretary that he'd end up being an eyewitness to a coup, and an invasion of Grenada by the U.S. military.

Courttia Newland: The Evidence of Things Ignored

London youth have an identity problem.

The Informer Celebrates London's Black History Month

In a continued effort to bring a Diasporic glimpse of black culture to our readers, Washington Informer editor Shantella Sherman traveled to England to take part in the monthlong British celebration of Black History Month.

Group Urges African-Americans Participation in Immigration Dialogue

Participants in a recent Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference panel discussion on immigration, “Bridging the Gap: A Pan-African Approach to Immigration Reform,” said African-Americans and African and Caribbean immigrants must become more involved in shaping immigration policy reform.

Congo Ambassador Lauds Country's Stability, Economic Growth

The Republic of Congo celebrated the 53rd anniversary of its independence from France in August — a celebration that continued Monday, Sept. 30, when the country's ambassador to the U.S. held a colorful reception in Washington.

Is Media Coverage of Africa Fair & Balanced?

Media leaders, journalists and strategic thinkers from the United States, Africa and the African Diaspora gathered at the World Bank headquarters in D.C. to discuss the whether media coverage of Africa is fair and balanced, an issue of increased relevance ...

Obama: U.N. Must Enforce Syrian Chemical Weapon Ban

President Obama urged the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday to pass a resolution on Syria that promises "consequences" if President Bashar Assad does not relinquish his chemical weapons.

Obama Makes Case to Skeptical Public for Military Action in Syria

President Barack Obama addressed the nation Tuesday night during prime time, explaining his rationale as to why the U.S. should punish Syria for a chemical weapon attack he blames on President Bashir Al-Assad.

Obama Makes Case for Syria Involvement

Congress will hold a public hearing Tuesday about the U.S. military's role in Syria, as President Obama presses for intervention in the Mideast country's civil war after chemical weapons were allegedly used to kill hundreds of civilians.

Obama: U.S. Shouldn't Boycott Russian Olympics

President Obama said Friday that the U.S. shouldn't boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia, though he admitted the recent tension between the two nations has put the frosty relationship on "pause."