Bahamians Celebrate Freedom, Economic Opportunity at Embassy

Investment opportunities in the Bahamas were highlighted during a reception at the country's Embassy in Northwest D.C.

Bahamas Turns 40

Ambassador Dr. Elliston Rahming and Consul-General Paulette Zonicle took to the dance floor early and often Friday night, leading their Bahamian friends, colleagues, counterparts and supporters of the island nation in celebration.

Helen Thomas Inspired Generation of Journalists

Legendary White House correspondent Helen Thomas passed away peacefully on July 20 at her Washington D.C. apartment, while surrounded by family and friends. She was 92.

It’s a Boy for Will and Kate!

Kensington Palace announced late Monday that following a 10-hour labor, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy, who will be heir to the royal throne.

Mandela Steadily Improving on 95th Birthday

Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black president, continues to improve while spending his 95th birthday on Thursday in a Pretoria hospital.

Mandela's 95th Birthday Celebrated

South Africa is celebrating the 95th birthday of its most beloved national figure, the anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela, whom so many still warmly refer to as their “Madiba,” or tribe leader.

Obama Ends Trip to Africa With Sense of Optimism

President Obama ended a three-nation trip through Africa on Tuesday with a push for partnership at a Tanzanian power plant, coming away with a sense of optimism about the continent's future.

Egyptian Military Overthrows President Morsi

The Egyptian military has overthrown President Mohammed Morsi and replaced him with the country's chief justice of constitutional court, the military's chief announced Wednesday, after Morsi defied an edict to meet the demands of millions of protesters to yield power.

Nelson Mandela's Long Goodbye Has Lessons for All of Us

Hard as it is to accept the fact, the world has to come to terms with it.

Mandela On Life Support, Reports Say

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is on life support, an official briefed on his condition said Wednesday.

Supreme Court Returns Major Affirmative Action Decision to Lower Court

The Supreme Court on Monday sent a major affirmative action case on race-based college admissions back to the lower courts to be reheard.

D.C. Students Visit Bahamian Embassy

Fifth-graders from the Takoma Education Campus were given a brief history of the Bahamas and its geographical makeup by the country's ambassador to the District during a visit to the Bahamas Embassy in Northwest on Tuesday.

Italy's First Black Cabinet Minister Criticized

Cecile Kyenge's appointment as Italy's first Black Cabinet minister has exposed the nation's ugly race problem, with one politician deriding what he called Italy's new "bonga bonga government," according to a report on Newsone.com.

Africare Gala Puts Africa in Spotlight

Defying Expectations. These words – emblazoned on the front page of Africare's 2013 annual report – embody the organization's 40-year quest to present an African reality to the world that is fact not fiction.

Second-Hand Clothing Big Business in Africa

The second-hand clothing industry in parts of Africa is big business.