Obama Admin Launches Pell Grant Program for Inmates

The Department of Education announced Friday a program that will give some state and federal prisoners access to Pell Grants, part of President Obama's effort to reform the nation's criminal justice system.

Conservative Koch Brothers Making Inroads into Black America

In the strangest of bedfellows, representatives of Koch Industry and Ben Chavis are working together on reforming the criminal justice system.

Cincinnati Police Officer Charged With Murder of Black Man

The white University of Cincinnati police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man during a traffic stop has been charged with murder, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Apaches Refuse to Relinquish Sacred Land

When San Carlos Apache Tribal Council member Wendsler Nosie found out late last year that Arizona Sen. John McCain had tucked a rider into the National Defense Authorization Act that transfers 2,500 acres of Apache land to a foreign copper ...

Cops Coach Kids, Build Bridges in Watts

Where the Watts riots once erupted, Los Angeles Police Department officers use football to build bridges and battle crime.

Blacks in Newsroom at All-Time Low

Based on an extensive study published in the Columbia Journalism Review, apparently no one is demanding black journalists; if so, no one's hiring them.

On 50th Anniversary, Medicare and Medicaid Still Vital

As Medicare and Medicaid turn 50 this week, the nation takes a look at the impact of two of the most significant government programs ever launched.

Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Faces Federal Hate Crime Charges

Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who fatally shot nine people last month at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, has been federally indicted on 33 counts including hate crime charges, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced Wednesday.

Ferguson Names Black Officer as Interim Police Chief

Ferguson, Missouri, will reportedly name Wednesday a black police commander from Arizona as the interim police chief, nearly a year after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teen drew national coverage.

Symbols are Important to Black America

From the significance of Black church burnings, to Serena Williams' dominance, Black people often attach larger-than-life meaning to people, objects, and events.

Obama Hosts Emma Didlake, 110-year-old WWII Vet, at White House

President Obama hosted at the White House on Friday a 110-year-old Detroit woman who is believed to be the nation's oldest known veteran.

Bill Clinton Accepts Blame for Excessive Prison Sentences

Former President Bill Clinton said he supported President Barack Obama's plan to reform the nation's criminal justice system, and assumed blame for crafting a bill that made matters worse.

Obama: Prison Reform Needed

Even before his keynote address in front of a cheering crowd at the annual NAACP convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday, President Barack Obama was busy practicing what he had already prepared to preach.

D.C. Residents Join Petition for Bree Newsome

The online petitions are as direct as Bree Newsome proved to be strong.

Ben's Chili Bowl, Smithsonian Keeping Cosby

Now that a deposition has been released in which Bill Cosby has admitted to plying women with drugs before having sex with them, many have turned their attention to the nation's capital — specifically to the famed Ben's Chili Bowl, ...