Black Women Booted from Napa Valley Train File $11M Suit

Five black women who were kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train this summer have filed an $11 million racial discrimination lawsuit against the company.

Surge in Black Female Prisoners Examined

Dozens convened Wednesday for a forum at the Congressional Black Caucus's annual convention to discuss the effects of the criminal justice system on Black women's health and relations within their families and communities and how to combat these issues.

Women for Justice or Else Speaks

Black Muslim and Christian women assembled to address gender-specific issues in accordance with mental health and racism leading up to the historic 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

Countdown Continues for Historic Gathering

Twenty years ago, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called for one million men to converge on the nation’s capital. And in just a few days, Black men, women and children from across the country will return to D.C. to commemorate ...

Million Man March, Simpson Acquittal Anniversaries Near

This October, the nation will recognize the 20th anniversary of two cultural touch points.

Pastor Who Revoked 103-year-old Woman's Membership Ousted

The pastor of a Baptist church in Elberton, Georgia, who banned a 103-year-old woman from services has been removed from the pulpit.

Increasing Number of Voters Can Alter Public Policy

The key to changing public policy in key areas is increasing the number of people who vote, according to a recent report by Demos, a public policy group that supports economic and social equality.

Black Women, Children Struggle With Poverty: Census

Despite relative improvement in job growth from 2013 to 2014, Black women continue to struggle in the economy, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Ferguson Commission Report: Symbol Without Substance?

The Ferguson report outlined problems and possible strategies moving forward for the St. Louis area. But will the report yield systemic change? Will it end police brutality, racial profiling, poverty, excessive traffic stops and over incarceration of Blacks?

NAACP Wants Separate Probe of Delaware Shooting Death

The NAACP has called for an independent investigation by a special prosecutor of the fatal police shooting of a 28-year-old man in a wheelchair in Wilmington, Delaware.

Mothers Remember Slain Sons at Caucus

The mothers of several unarmed Black males killed by law enforcement brought their sons' stories to Washington last week to kick off the 45th Annual Congressional Black Caucus.

Obama Celebrates Black Women in Phoenix Awards Dinner Speech

During his speech at the 45th Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner, President Barack Obama celebrated the critical role that Black women have played in "every great movement in American history" and pledged to address challenges they face in the ...

Black Businesswomen Still Lagging Behind

While Black women have made tremendous strides over the past 30 years, rising to the top of Fortune 500 companies, serving at the highest levels of the federal government and sponsoring legislature that has changed the nation, they’re still at ...

CBC Backs 'Black Lives Matter' Movement at Forum

Highly esteemed politicians and public figures convened Thursday at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's annual conference in D.C. to discuss the most pressing issues affecting the black community.

Black 'HistoryMakers' to Participate in Day of Service

Looking back upon her childhood, journalist and author Donna Britt remembers the early influence of 19th-century abolitionist Louisa May Alcott who inspired her to become a writer.