Ohio Attorney Jailed for Wearing BLM Button Files Lawsuit

Ohio attorney Andrea Burton filed a federal lawsuit on Aug. 18 against Youngstown Municipal Court Judge Robert Milich, his colleague Judge Elizabeth Kobly and the city. Milich sentenced Burton to five days in the Mahoning County Jail because she refused ...

Obama's No-Discrimination Advisory to Louisiana Receives Backlash

Conservative media outlets, a Louisiana candidate for Senate and others have slammed President Barack Obama after his administration instructed the state not to discriminate when assisting Louisianans impacted by the recent flooding.

Black Executives Give $1M to African-American Museum

Top black global executives recently gave a $1 million gift to the nation's newest institution, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Department of Justice Putting an End to Private Prisons

The Department of Justice announced Thursday it will phase out its contracts with private prisons to "ensure that inmates are in the safest facilities and receiving the best rehabilitative services," Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates said in a statement.

Federal Court Strikes Down Texas Voter ID Law

As many as 600,000 registered voters in the state of Texas will now be able to cast their vote in November without any barriers.

Artists Seek Inspiration for 2016 Campaigns

Astronaut. Warrior. Superman. Savior. If the posters and buttons made for Barack Obama's historic first run could speak, he was all of those things — and more.

Two Years After Ferguson: Has Reform Happened?

This week marks the two-year anniversary of the fatal shooting of Michael Brown by former police officer Darren Wilson, who resigned from his position but was not charged. Twenty-four months, periods of unrest and a Justice Department investigation later, the ...

Homeowner 'On Neighborhood Watch' Shoots, Kills Unarmed 20-Year-Old Black Man in N.C.

Early Sunday morning, Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, a 20-year-old black man, was fatally shot while attending a house party near the home of self-proclaimed neighborhood watchman Chad Copley in Raleigh, North Carolina.

No Paid Maternity Leave for Ivanka Trump's Workers

Ivanka Trump, who has positioned herself as a champion for the rights of working mothers, has her label's clothes made by workers who receive no paid maternity leave.

Rev. Barber Moving Forward, Before and After DNC

Rev. William Barber II hasn't always held the national spotlight, but once he got it at the DNC convention, he made the most of it.

Black Vote Remains Relevant, Crucial

Blacks have traditionally given their vote to Democrats, but candidates would be wise not to take the Black vote for granted.

Urban League Tackles Police Shootings, Joblessness

The National Urban League, which kicked off its annual conference Aug. 3 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Urban League Conference Draws Big Names

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine may have helped set the tone at the annual conference of the National Urban League, which was held last week in Baltimore.

Dems Worry About Losing Disenchanted Young Voters

Some young voters are opting to sit out this year's presidential election because they think neither candidate is credible — a prospect Democratic operatives say is cause for concern.

Justice Department Blasts Baltimore Police for Discriminatory Practices, Excessive Force

Baltimore police routinely violated the constitutional rights of residents by conducting unlawful stops and using excessive force, according to a Justice Department report released Wednesday.