Flint Water Crisis Sparks Congressional Outrage

Advocates and protestors joined Flint, Michigan, residents on Capitol Hill Wednesday for a congressional hearing on the city's water crisis to show solidarity and to call for the ouster of Gov. Rick Snyder.

Russell Simmons Brings Water, Attention to Flint

When business mogul and founder of the RushCard, Russell Simmons, arrived in Flint early Monday morning to deliver cases of bottled water door-to-door, he did so with a minimal amount of fanfare.

Plaintiffs in N.C. Voter ID Case Hold Conference Call

One day after a weeklong trial ended in North Carolina on whether the state's voter ID law would hamper a person's right to vote, some of the plaintiffs held a conference call Tuesday to discuss their next steps to challenge ...

Time Magazine Uses Black Photog's Flint Water-Crisis Pic for Cover

A black award-winning photographer's shot of a rash-covered child victimized by lead-contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, was used for the cover of Time magazine's Feb. 1 issue.

Baltimore Pastor Leads Water Rally in Flint, Michigan

Baltimore Pastor Jamal Bryant assembled an entourage of faith and civil rights leaders, attorneys and entertainers traveling to help Flint, Michigan, residents get justice in the city's contaminated-water crisis.

HBCUs Celebrated at Annual Battle of the Bands

A near-capacity crowd rocked the Georgia Dome at the 14th annual Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational Showcase.

EXCLUSIVE: Tavis Smiley Makes 'A Covenant' With Blacks

A decade ago, Tavis Smiley made a covenant with Black America. Now the popular talk show host, advocate and entrepreneur has released a follow-up to his 2006 book, "The Covenant."

D.C. Native Appointed to UMMS Board

He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School in Northwest and later graduated from Howard University. Now, District native and retired Judge of the U.S. District Court for Maryland, Alexander Williams Jr. has been appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan along with six ...

Obama Bans Use of Solitary Confinement for Juveniles in Federal Prisons

President Barack Obama announced Monday he is banning solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders in federal prisons.

Like Obama, D.C. Police Wary of Guns

President Barack Obama's desire for stricter gun laws to keep weapons out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them is an aspiration shared by many and a mission supported by the Metropolitan Police Department.

Emotional Obama Calls for Increased Gun Control

President Obama unveiled Tuesday new executive actions on gun-control measures, citing a "sense of urgency" amid an ever-growing list of high-profile mass shootings and gun-related violence.

Mississippi Lawmaker Doubles Down on Comments About Racist Police Pursuits

Kenneth Stokes, the Jackson, Mississippi, council member who urged residents to attack police pursuing suspects in their community, defended his comments over the weekend, which he said were in response to racism-fueled vehicle pursuits that put lives at risk.

Chicago Police Training to Limit Use of Lethal Force

Despite calls for his resignation over his handling of a spate of recent police shootings, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday the city's officers will get new equipment and training to help them defuse tense situations and limit their use ...

Virginia Death Row Inmates Fear Privileges May Be Revoked

Virginia's death row inmates, who recently received expanded advantages that include additional recreation time, are asking a judge to keep the privileges intact because they are just temporary and can be revoked at any time.

More Than a Hashtag: The Fight to Get Justice for Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland, an African-American female, was found hanging in a jail cell by a plastic bag on July 13.