Were Blacks at World Bank Betrayed by CBC?

Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York issued a release on racial equality on Oct. 21 praising World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, stunning Black staffers.

Effort to Halt Prison Revolving Door Loses Funding

A program aims to end the revolving-door process that has become the nation's prison system, but it lost funding in October, putting in peril the future of dozens depending on the program.

U.S. Nears Sweeping Reform of Criminal Justice System That Has Decimated Black Communities

When a new inmate steps behind the walls of a prison in Georgia, the entirety of his or her criminal record and mental state is fed into a complex algorithm called the Next Generation Assessment, which just might be the ...

Moving 'Ferguson Forward': Emerson to Receive 2015 Corporate Diversity Award

On Nov. 20, Emerson will receive The St. Louis American Foundation’s 2015 Corporate Diversity award at the 16th annual Salute to Excellence in Business Awards & Networking Luncheon.

CBC Forum Highlights Challenges, Inequities Facing Blacks

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Joint Economic Committee Democrats recently held a public forum at the Harlem Hospital Center in New York, where they discussed the impact of economic challenges and persistent inequities facing the African-American community.

Corey Jones to be Eulogized Saturday in West Palm Beach, Florida

A funeral service for Corey Jones, who was shot and killed on Oct. 18 by a plain clothes police officer, will be held at 12 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 31 at Payne Chapel A.M.E. Church, 801 9th Street in West Palm ...

Polls Place Carson Ahead of Trump

The polls have continued to give presidential hopeful Ben Carson an edge over fellow Republican Donald Trump.

Black Women Leaders Outraged By Police Violence against S.C. Student

Leading Black women across the nation are expressing outrage this week over the videotaped violent incident showing a White police officer in Columbia, S.C. grabbing a Black 16-year-old female high school student around her neck, flipping her desk; then dragging ...

South Carolina Officer Who Threw Girl across Classroom Fired

The South Carolina police officer seen in an Internet video yanking a girl from her classroom seat has been fired.

Nissan, Toyota Latest to Respond to Diversity Scorecard

Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai are the latest automakers to respond to the recently-released Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project which issued its annual diversity scorecard earlier this month.

Senator, Economist Lament U.S. Debt Default

Democratic Sen. Robert Casey called Republicans wreckless and misguided as the country is just weeks away from the November 3 debt limit deadline.

Women’s Leadership Forum Tackles the Issues

Repressed voting tactics, economic greed, huge numbers of Black children living in poverty and the deferred dreams of women.

World Health Organization Warns Processed, Red Meats Can Cause Cancer

The World Health Organization issued a statement early Monday warning that based on evidence from hundreds of studies, eating processed meat such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs and ham -- which is salted, cured or smoked to enhance or preserve ...

CBC Lauds FCC for Capping Rates of Prison Phone Calls

The Congressional Black Caucus hailed a decision Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission to lower rates for inmate calling services, which the caucus said will ensure reasonable and fair rates for families to stay in touch with incarcerated loved ones.

Student Jason Goolsby Still Fears Police

Jason Goolsby and his friend, Michael Brown, both 18, now understand the dangers that can come when "walking while Black."