Gwen Ifill: Informed and Inspired a Nation

Gwen Ifill, the award-winning "PBS NewsHour" anchor and one of the nation's most prominent black journalists, died Monday after a monthslong battle with cancer. She was 61.

Virginia Resident, Ex-Offender Voted for the First Time on Nov. 8

On the cold crisp morning of Nov. 8, 2016, Terry Garrett made her own personal history.

Video Shows High School Students Holding Trump Sign, ‘White Power’ Heard in Audio

Eibreha Drayden is a 15-year-old ninth-grader studying dental assisting at York County School of Technology located in York, Pennsylvania. She shared on her Facebook page a video of white male classmates walking the hallways carrying a President-elect Donald Trump sign ...

Many Blacks Still Wondering What Happened

Donald Trump's stunning victory over Hillary Clinton to win the presidency has left African-Americans stunned and many resigned to four years of uneasiness at best, torture at worst.

Local Service Members Honored Ahead of Veterans Day

Local war veterans were honored Sunday during a prayer breakfast at the Springfield Baptist Church in Northwest to commemorate Veterans Day on Nov. 11 and to mark the start of the D.C. chapter of the National Association of Black American ...

NAACP Stance on Charter Schools Rankles Parents, Educators

In an unexpected turn of events, the NAACP recently approved an internal resolution calling for the end of expansion of all charter schools across the nation until said schools meet new criteria set forth by the organization.

Syrian Refugees Find Homes in Md., Va.

Even as President-elect Donald Trump once promised to ban or severely restraining immigration from Muslim countries, Virginia and Maryland have begun blending Syrian refugees into their communities.

107-Year-Old Black Woman, Daughter of Slaves, Ready to Vote

Election Day has great meaning for Donella Wilson, a 107-year-old Black woman born to parents who were slaves in Calhoun County, South Carolina. On Tuesday, Wilson will vote in a presidential election for the 13th time, using a new ID ...

Pro-Trump Trolls Falsely Tell Minorities They Can Text Their Vote

Trump supporters are once again using social media in an attempt to disenfranchise minority voters.

Trump, Conservatives Silent After Latest Cop Killer ID'd as White Man

After the world learned the suspect in the killing of two police officers in Iowa this week was a white man with a history of carrying around the Confederate flag and harassing African-Americans, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and others have ...

Shaq 'Not Worried' by Potential Encounters with Police

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal revealed in a recent interview that he's never worried about being pulled over by police because he's always respectful.

Trump's 'Rigged' Rhetoric Could Suppress Black Vote

As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continued to ratchet up rhetoric suggesting that the current election is rigged, countless political experts and research have repeatedly shown that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent and the candidate's claims are baseless.

Gray: I Got the Same Treatment FBI's Giving Clinton

If there's one person who knows exactly what Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is going through, it's Vincent Gray.

Black Voter Poll: 90 Percent to Cast Ballot for Clinton

Nearly 90 percent of black voters plan to cast ballots for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, according to the 2016 National Black Voter Poll.

Concerns Escalate over Gun Violence, Police Training

Lawyers, scholars and those who lost loved ones due to gun violence shared their concerns during a Congressional briefing and a town hall on Tuesday in D.C.